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Made in Iowa: Cobbler crafts one foot at a time


Faith Coventon, 32, of Cedar Rapids never imagined she’d become a cobbler. But through her company — RunOnFaithAndFashion — she makes handcrafted shoes as well as scarves and fitness water bottle belts.

She actually got her start with water bottle belts back in 2011, when she designed a water bottle belt for a friend who had a race coming up. “It turned out so unique and useful that I decided it would be a fun little business to start up,” said Coventon. “I am always itching for new adventures and soon my creating expanded to making shoes. I had no idea one could actually make shoes and I had a blast figuring the process out. It was a no brainier to make them available to other people and now shoes are solely the heart of my shop. Pun intended!”

Q. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

A. My favorite part of shoe making is the designing and the finishing touches.

Q. How has your business grown?

A. It started out as more of a “for fun” outlet but has thankfully grown into a “for real” part time business and I am trying to continue investing in it as such. It is very flexible which I need at this time in my life. I truly never saw myself becoming a cobbler, but I am enjoying this shoe making adventure. I even see a lot of great opportunities to help women who have a hard time finding shoes for different health, sizing, or comfort reasons. I hope to get to a place in my knowledge of making shoes that I can be an encouragement to these ladies someday.

Q. Where do you find your inspiration?

A. My husband, four children, and friends inspire me daily. Creating things is like sharing a part of you with others and there is a joy that arises in me when I see my friends enjoy my small creations. These feelings make me reflect on the beautiful handy work that God did in each of us as His creation and the joy he must feel watching us live and create with the expressions given by Him. I also feel much inspiration in nature and the simple beauty of life.

Q. What’s the best part about being a crafty/creative person?

A. To be honest, it is quite handy to have the ability to come up with ideas for how to fix things or ideas of things to do or make. Creative ideas come to me quickly and easily.

Q. Do you remember the first craft project you ever tried?

A. When I was 10, and in 5th grade I decided it would be so cool to make a Letterman jacket for my Tickle Me Elmo doll. (It was a small school and 5th graders were moved to the middle/high school so I was in love with the oldest kids in black and orange jackets.) So I found a black leather looking bag and cut out the lining. I borrowed orange thread from my kind neighbor. All by myself I made a pattern, cut out, and sewed this tiny jacket with embroidered letters and all. Boy was I proud!

Q. When you become rich and famous for your work, then what will you do?

A. I would spend more time serving people in need and probably also be spending a decent amount of time in California on the beach. I haven’t thought much about it but I have a feeling I would be making a lot less shoes personally. I mean the idea of becoming famous freaks me out so I can’t even consider that possibility.


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