Cook Club: Fall flavors mix black beans and butternut squash

Butternut squash — a name that is almost pinch-your-cheeks cute — is one tough vegetable. Like most of its winter squash counterparts i ... »

Iowa Made: Making things creative

Lindsay Eidahl, 38, of Cedar Rapids, might very well be the local queen of DIY. A busy wife and mom of two, Eidahl long has had a passion for creat ... »

Riverside’s new artistic director turns back time with show rooted in imagination

In this high-tech age of instant access and gratification, Riverside Theatre is rebooting its 2015-16 season with low-tech ingenuity.

̶ ... »

Recipe: Fresh tomatoes make tasty sauce

I’m holding tightly onto the last days of summer if only in my menu. Sugar baby watermelons, crisp and sweet cucumbers and oh-so-juicy and p ... »

Cook Club: Hummus has a sweet side, can score at tailgate parties

September’s Gazette KCRG-TV9 Cook Club is all about the joys of hummus. We introduced our Hummus Trio Dip last week and this week we want to ... »

Combine apples, crepes for yummy dessert

A few years ago, I wrote a column about my childhood obsession with crepes. It stemmed from a crepe cookbook my parents received as a wedding prese ... »

Cook Club: Hummus happiness

We like versatility here at Cook Club — recipes that can do much more than their original intent. This month's focus, hummus, is one of those ... »

Everybody Eats: Get out of dinner rut, try a new recipe

Everyone has a go-to recipe, something they can whip up with little prep, planning or even thought. Mine is a chicken stir fry I made up on the fly ... »

Everybody Eats: A friendship and rhubarb pie to remember

During my recent cleaning spree, I discovered a box of stationary in the basement storage area. I’m not just talking about a small box of bl ... »

Cook Club: Crepes good for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Crepes are making an appearance all hours of the day or night. Crepes whip up in a flash and can be stuffed with a variety of tasty and nutritious ... »

Trendy Toddies: Cold brew makes a splash among coffee drinkers

Iced coffee is in the middle of a revolution. You may wonder how something seemingly so simple can undergo a change of any consequence but across t ... »

Public Space One hosts cooking workshops

The kitchen at Public Space One in Iowa City has been used as a test kitchen for a start-up tofu company, a nightly croissant-making station for a ... »

COOK CLUB: Breakfast works for dinner, so why not for dessert?

Breakfast for dinner is a way to turn dinner on its head and make a boring weeknight a bit more festive. So, why not treat dessert with the same fl ... »

Families ditch the dine-n-dash and use Sunday dinner to slow down and get together

The text messages usually begin shortly after church. “What's the plan for dinner? What should we bring?” This is the modern beginning ... »

Solutions to summer temptations

Some of my clients who have recently lost weight say that the warmer temperatures have contributed to their weight loss — they say they move ... »