‘The Red Collar’: Book on loyalty is not to be missed

It's the summer of 1919 in a small town in France, and a mangy dog sits outside a makeshift military prison, wailing #x201c;methodically, more or l ... »

‘Confession of the Lioness’: Plot full of metaphors is to be savored

While author Mia Couto may not be a household name in Iowa, he is in Portuguese-speaking Africa, and after reading his latest novel, #x201c;Confes ... »

‘Playlist for the Dead’: Book loses its footing over tunes

In Michelle Falkoff's new young adult novel "Playlist for the Dead," Sam finds his best friend Hayden dead after a disastrous encounter at a party. ... »

‘Elimination’ should be added to reading list

Jessica Bradshaw, a U.S. Congressman, is engaged in a tight election battle when someone fires shots at her after a televised debate. The shots mis ... »

‘The Eternal City’: Novel worthy of teen obsession

There's a tween in my family who is obsessed with books featuring mythological characters. She's been casting about for her next book. Paula Morris ... »

‘Orange is the New Black’: Topic is titillating, but book lacks personal introspective

In 2010 Piper Kerman was known to readers and booksellers as the author of #x201c;Orange is the New Black,#x201d; a memoir detailing her year in a ... »

‘Time Ages in a Hurry’: Readers should savor every minute of this collection of tales

All classic stories have one thing in common: by the end of the tale, the main character has undergone a transformation - grand or small, he is dif ... »

‘The Silent Girls’: A dark, twisty tale for readers to cozy up to this summer

Eric Rickstad's #x201c;The Silent Girls#x201d; was first published only as an e-book by Witness Impulse, an imprint devoted to e-originals. But the ... »

‘At the Water’s Edge’: Historical novel falls flat with whiny characters

When I learned that Sara Gruen was coming out with a new novel set during World War II, I was eager to review it.

Her best-selling book #x20 ... »

“Dark Rooms’: Author conjures up creepy novel

The success of Lili Anolik's debut novel #x201c;Dark Rooms#x201d; can largely be credited to the creepy atmosphere she conjures.

This story o ... »

‘The Crime of Our Lives’: Master crime writer takes on crime fiction

In #x201c;The Crime of Our Lives,#x201d; acclaimed mystery writer Lawrence Block collects pieces he has written over the years about other writers. ... »

‘Shotgun Lovesongs’: Novel tackles life in small town, friendship

Writers' Workshop alum Nickolas Butler knows the Midwestern landscape and the landscape of the human heart. In his debut novel, #x201c;Shotgun Love ... »

‘The Dead Lands’; Adventure story set in future mines the past

In Benjamin Percy's #x201c;The Dead Lands#x201d; (Grand Central Publishing, 416 pages, $26), Lewis and Clark set off from St. Louis and head west t ... »

‘God Help The Child’: Master storyteller pens complex, graceful love story

The main arch of Toni Morrison's new novel, #x201c;God Help the Child,#x201d; is a steady one, but pulsing closely under its surface are a series o ... »

‘Inspector of the Dead’: Rambo creator back with best mystery yet

Move over Rambo, papa's got a brand-new bag.

David Morrell, the former University of Iowa professor who introduced Rambo to the world in his ... »