Two new books help students dive into World War II A lesson in history

It’s fall and when kids go back to school, one of the subjects they will learn is history. For kids who are history buffs and like to go abo ... »

Authors, books abound for Iowa City Book Festival

Book lovers won’t want to miss out on all the activities happening in Iowa City in coming days.

The Iowa City Book Festival kicks off ... »

Idea for best-selling novel grew over time for Celeste Ng

Celeste Ng can identify both a plot seed and a theme seed from which her bestselling novel “Everything I Never Told You” bloomed.

... »
University of Iowa professor examines his passion for Dylan

What does it mean to be a fan? For author, professor and longtime Bob Dylan fan David Gaines, whose debut book “In Dylan Town” is out ... »

UI professor shares how Bob Dylan and his music impacted his life

Even after a brief conversation with author and professor David Gaines, it’s clear he’s always been the cool professor or, “mo ... »

3 Writers’ Workshop grads on longlist for National Book Award

Three University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduates are on the longlist of candidates for the 2015 National Book Award in Fiction.

&# ... »

‘Music for Wartime’: Workshop faculty member pens must-read story collection

Every now and again, a book strikes me as so nearly perfect that I struggle with how best to express my admiration. “Music for Wartime, ... »

‘Orchard’: Book on vampires lacks bite readers want

If you wake up with no memory, surrounded by strangers who tell you that you are now a vampire, it’s natural to have lots of questions. And ... »

‘House of Hawthorne’: Historical fiction book gives women a voice

I feel very ignorant when it comes to knowledge about our most prolific and talented writers from history. Yes, I have heard of Thoreau, Hawthorne, ... »

Library celebrates Banned Books Week, Intellectual Freedom Festival in September

In 1995 the Iowa City Public Library established the Carol Spaziani Intellectual Freedom Festival to honor Carol for her 26-year career and for her ... »

Prolific Ed Gorman continues writing while battling cancer

Ed Gorman will talk your ear off, and you won’t mind a bit.

Gorman will expound on any number of topics — including politics, m ... »

Mystery writer, champion of women crime writers to receive Paul Engle Award

Sara Paretsky has been named the fourth recipient of the Paul Engle Prize, presented by the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization.

... »
Two Marys create a new memoir sharing a friendship strengthened through nearly 30 years of handwritten letters

Mary Potter Kenyon and Mary Jedlicka Humston have been friends since 1986. While they only lived as neighbors for one year, the two women — ... »

Tasty ‘Slices’ of a pizza delivery guy’s life

“Slices” is a slim volume Rob Cline put together “so as not to be the one Writing Lad with nothing new” at upcoming boo ... »

‘Prisoner’ takes no prisoners in sci-fi thriller

Dennis Green’s new book opens with a bang when Trav Becker catches a bleeding man in his arms. The man gasps, “They’re coming! ... »