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Climate change affecting Iowans now

CEDAR RAPIDS - While the topic of climate change continues to be debated across the nation, scientists at an Iowa Ideas panel Thursday discussed how the global issue is affecting Iowans, especially farmers.

In the last 50 or 60 years, state climat ... »

Linn County redistricting committee makes its pick for new map

CEDAR RAPIDS - A committee tasked with recommending a new map of three districts for the Linn County Board of Supervisors made its pick during a meeting Thursday.

The selected plan - draft plan No. 2 - divides Cedar Rapids with the south half in o ... »

Local Catholics emotional in honoring relic from late Pope John Paul II

CEDAR RAPIDS - Like dozens of others, Marlene and Jerome Greiner of Cedar Rapids left St. Patrick's Catholic Church in tears Wednesday afternoon after visiting a reliquary containing a vial of the late Pope John Paul II's blood.

Marlene Greiner sa ... »

Mound View festival meant to spark vision of Cedar Rapids neighborhood’s future

CEDAR RAPIDS - Mound View residents have a chance to plan the future of their neighborhood during an upcoming festival.

Imagine Mound View, from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, is part block party with activities and food trucks, and part urban visioni ... »

Iowa City joins more than 40 cities supporting Chicago suit against Department of Justice

IOWA CITY - On Thursday, Iowa City became one of more than 40 cities across the nation to join in supporting Chicago's request that the U.S. Department of Justice not withhold a federal grant for law enforcement if city officials decide not help the fed ... »

‘Little guys’ welcome Eastern Iowa Airport’s self-service fuel pump

CEDAR RAPIDS - Pilots now can fuel up on their own in Cedar Rapids with the Thursday opening of a 12,000-gallon self-service aviation fuel pump at a The Eastern Iowa Airport.

Construction on the 100LL, or low lead, avgas facility began in the spri ... »

Driver who fled police Friday dies as a result of collision

CEDAR RAPIDS - The driver of a vehicle who fled police on Friday has died after crashing into a tree on E Avenue NE, according to authorities.

Cedar Rapids public safety spokesperson Greg Buelow said the Johnson County Medical Examiner's Office co ... »

Eastern Iowans in Texas reminded of local flooding devastation

As massive rainfall continues to devastate southern Texas, Eastern Iowans now in the Lone Star state say the scene can't but help evoke memories of flooding that has imperiled communities here.

The toll in the Texas catastrophe, of course, is almo ... »

Iowa boating safety risks: Watch out on the water

Boating enthusiasts in Iowa can breathe a sigh of relief that the worst time of the year for debacles on lakes and rivers has passed, but those who still want to get out on the water for one last time over the long Labor Day weekend may well want to bru ... »

Center Point, Marion receive Iowa League of Cities award

MARION - The cities of Center Point and Marion are two of three awarded the 2017 All-Star Community award by the Iowa League of Cities.

The League of Cities' All-Star Community award is meant to honor local governments for innovative efforts, ac ... »