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Adam Sullivan

I serve as a columnist and editorial writer from The Gazette’s Iowa City newsroom, focusing on state and local government. I am a life-long Iowan and I previously worked as a news reporter, public relations manager, and political organizer. I’ve survived three Iowa caucus seasons so far in my adult life – once as a voter, once as a journalist, and once as a campaign hack (we lost, bigly). Outside of newspapers and politics, I’m passionate about country music and I excel at writing short bios about myself.


Iowa’s Kinnick was more Kaepernick than Mayfield

Football has been mired in all the wrong kinds of controversy this year.

National Anthem protests by dozens of NFL players draw harsh criticism from the media and political elites, including President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the sports community ... »

Iowa Republicans have a chance to fix marijuana law

The mantra of the drug reform movement has remained the same for years - tax and regulate. Now we're finding that might not work.

Iowa officials recently approved the first manufacturing license under the state's medical cannabis law. It's good ne ... »

Young voices squashed in Iowa City rental debate

Iowa City politicians are rushing to mess up the fragile progress they've made at improving the housing market.

The City Council voted this week to approve new rental restrictions, following a new state law outlawing the city's regulations on non- ... »

Iowa is losing the war against meth

Law enforcement officials have led a major crackdown on meth labs in recent years, yet Iowans continue to struggle with meth abuse, according to the state govern ... »

Three ways Iowa can keep young workers

It seems counterintuitive, but it's true. Eastern Iowa mayors say their communities are suffering from too little unemployment.

Three mayors gathered in Iowa City last week, and each mentioned the need to grow their local workforce. To do that, st ... »

Is the FCC killing the internet? Iowans watching closely

Federal regulators are looking to reverse net neutrality, and people are taking notice.

Iowans' Google searches about net neutrality surged to an all-time high last month, and dozens of Iowa users are using related hashtags on Twitter. The advocac ... »

Private property prevails in I.C. ‘party house’ spat

Homebuilders, prepare to fight for your right to party.

Construction is underway on the so-called Kinnick party house in Iowa City's Manville Heights neighborhood. The city hopes to prevent such fiercely contested proposals in the future, after ne ... »

Baldwin gently trashes Bernie Bros on Iowa visit

Comedian Alec Baldwin brought jokes to Iowa this week, along with a dose of blind partisan allegiance.

Baldwin's Trump impression on Saturday Night Live thrust him into political relevance over the past year. On Monday, he delivered the keynote ... »

Robots coming for our jobs, Sasse warns Iowans

Sen. Ben Sasse wants to talk about the robots coming to take our jobs.

The Nebraska Republican delivered a speech this month in Iowa to the Family Leader activist group. It would have been a prime opportunity for the rising GOP star to talk about ... »

Koch Brothers love Iowa. Will Iowa ever love them back?

Charles and David Koch are back in Iowa headlines, following the announcement the tycoons are backing a major media deal involving Time Inc. and Des Moines-based Meredith.

The magazine deal is just the latest example of the Koch brothers' ongoing ... »