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The History Center receives $400,000 challenge grant for Douglas Mansion renovation

CEDAR RAPIDS - A recent challenge grant from a Midwest historic preservation group has put The History Center over the halfway point toward its Douglas Mansion restoration fundraising goal.

The Wisconsin-based Jeffris Family Foundation this week a ... »

Touring B-17 provides historic flights in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS - With a belch of white smoke, the four 1,200-horsepower propeller engines of the Boeing B-17 rumbled to life.

Moments before the more than 70-year-old World War II bomber, named Aluminum Overcast, lifted off the ground Thursday at Th ... »

Early voting begins for Linn County election

CEDAR RAPIDS - Absentee voting has begun for a Linn County special election on how future members of the county's Board of Supervisors will be elected.

Starting today, Linn County residents can vote in-person at the Auditor's Office's Election Se ... »

Burlington Street in Iowa City reopens, fallen tree removed

IOWA CITY - The portion of Burlington Street in Iowa City that temporarily closed for a fallen tree has reopened.

After about five hours, Burlington Street has reopened between Muscatine Avenue and Summit Street. The road had been closed after a l ... »

State schedules long-awaited Tower Terrace Road interchange project for 2022

For local officials, the arduous road to construction of a Tower Terrace Road/Interstate 380 interchange has reached a new milestone.

The Iowa Transportation Commission on Tuesday approved the state's fiscal year 2018-2022 Iowa Transportation Impr ... »

Wilson Avenue Interstate 380 ramp to close until August

Alexandra Olsen / The Gazett ... »

University of Iowa driving simulator adds to its tool kit

IOWA CITY - The University of Iowa's National Advanced Driving Simulator picked up another tool in its research efforts - a brand-new Tesla Model S 75D.

The white 2017 electric car is nothing special - anyone can buy the car off the lot - but driv ... »

Linn County to hold Aug. 1 special election on representation plan

CEDAR RAPIDS - Linn County voters will take to the polls this fall to determine how future members of the county's Board of Supervisors will be elected.

The board on Monday approved a resolution calling for an Aug. 1 special election on the county ... »

Industry tries to address nationwide truck driver shortage as workforce ages

CEDAR RAPIDS - Karen Messier checked her mirrors, shifted into reverse and eased off on the white 2006 Freightliner's clutch.

With Kirkwood Community College driving instructor Roger Smith walking alongside the tandem axle semi - attached to a 5 ... »

Linn County supervisors to schedule Aug. 1 special election

CEDAR RAPIDS - The Linn County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote Monday to set an Aug. 1 special election on how county supervisors are elected.

Rebecca Stonawski, deputy commissioner of elections with Linn County's Auditor's Office, said ... »