Diane Langton


Time Machine: Cedar Rapids factory produced variety of goods before its demolition in 1997

George A. Ohler manufactured furniture - and caskets - at a factory at Washington and Benton streets on the east side of the Cedar River in downtown Cedar Rapids. He'd been at it since 1854.

In 1882, he sold the land to Charles Clark, Charles Jone ... »

Time Machine: Iowa’s Oneota burial mounds provide glimpse of long-lost culture

The Oneota Indians were the ancestors of the Ioway, Oto, Winnebago and Missouri tribes in Iowa.

Little is known of the tribe's origins, but the natives appeared to migrate into the tallgrass prairie of the Midwest around A.D. 1000. They survived b ... »

Time Machine: Iowa Windmill & Pump Co.

In 1890, a fast-growing Indiana company, Flint & Walling, opened a distribution center for its popular Star Wind Mills in Cedar Rapids.

A year later, the company decided to save on shipping and start manufacturing the popular, simple and storm-r ... »

Time Machine: Prairie Moon Ballroom in Prairieburg, Iowa provided decades of dances

Rosie and Jim Brislawn opened a roller skating rink in Prairieburg in the early 1950s. It was built on the site where a grocery store, garage and storeroom once stood before a fire destroyed them in the 1930s.

A couple of other popular rinks wer ... »

Time Machine: The total solar eclipse of 1918

Total solar eclipses happen almost every year, but the shadows often fall on the ocean or less populated areas of the earth.

They differ from annular eclipses, like the one that crossed the southeastern United States in 1994. In an annular eclips ... »

Time Machine: The early years of the C.R. teacher headed to the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame

Jane Boyd, a #x201c;modern saint#x201d; who left her mark on Cedar Rapids and on the lives of countless women and children, will be posthumously inducted into the Iowa Women's Hall of Fame on Saturday.

The beloved teacher - who was more th ... »

First Czech president, family, at home in Cedar Rapids

Tomas G. Masaryk - the first president of Czechoslovakia - and his family had a long, personal connection to Cedar Rapids.

Masaryk was a professor of philosophy at Prague University when he embarked on a five-month lecture tour in 1902 of t ... »

Time Machine: Enduring ‘City of Five Seasons’ motto replaced ‘Parlor City’ almost 50 years ago

A widely traveled business man in 1887 described Cedar Rapids this way: #x201c;There is a freshness, a vivacity, a newness - paint here, new houses there, fine lawns everywhere, business houses neat, cheerful, bright and inviting, and everybody s ... »

Time Machine: Teresa Dolezal Feldevert’s Black Angel

Stories swirl around the Black Angel in Iowa City's Oakland Cemetery, most of them based more in fantasy than fact.

For instance, the angel never sailed on the ocean, and it isn't made of cheap metal. No one was cheated, and no one was cursed. No ... »

Time Machine: The case of the out-of-wedlock daughter in Marion

Margaret Lucile Granger was the middle child in the home of Earl and Dora Granger of Marion. Her father indulged her, and reports of her parties regularly graced the society pages.

Margaret's acting career and her sensational paternity lawsuits ... »