Diane Langton


Time Machine: Cedar Rapids Guard unit served on border, in World War I

Six veterans from Iowa's Company D, 1st Iowa Infantry, were still alive and able to attend the 50th anniversary of the Iowa National Guard unit on March 28, 1964.

The company was formed in 1914 as Company H of the 53rd National Guard Iowa I ... »

Time machine: The history of governing Cedar Rapids

On the eve of city elections, let's look back at how Cedar Rapids has been governed in the past century-and-a-half.

Cedar Rapids was incorporated in 1849 when it was granted a town charter by the territorial Legislature.

Seven years l ... »

Time Machine: Elks Club fire in Cedar Rapids

#x201c;Hundreds of Cedar Rapids Elks Club members were left to forage for their lunch and noontime nap in new pastures today as their lodge home smoldered in the wake of a $250,000 Sunday fire,#x201d; city editor Jack Illian wrote in a front-page ... »

Time Machine: Golf & games propelled Cedar Rapids entrepreneur to open Chapman’s Sports Center

What was once an open field - out beyond Cedar Rapids' first drive-in theater on the outskirts of southwest Cedar Rapids - became a destination for fun, thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of Gene Chapman and his family.

Eugene W. Chapman ... »

Time Machine: The 2 women who danced away the decades in Cedar Rapids

Edna Dieman and Julia Bennett were an institution in Cedar Rapids, where they taught dance to thousands of students for almost five decades, from 1951 to 1996. They were called Miss Dieman and Miss Bennett, and the city declared Dec. 15, 1990, as Edna D ... »

Time Machine: History of the Klan in Iowa

With white supremacist rallies in the news and the recent picture of five teens in Creston wearing white hoods in front of a burning cross, it's perhaps time to consider the Ku Klux Klan's history in Iowa, one of the state's and the nation's darker chap ... »

Time Machine: Cedar Rapids factory produced variety of goods before its demolition in 1997

George A. Ohler manufactured furniture - and caskets - at a factory at Washington and Benton streets on the east side of the Cedar River in downtown Cedar Rapids. He'd been at it since 1854.

In 1882, he sold the land to Charles Clark, Charles Jone ... »

Time Machine: Iowa’s Oneota burial mounds provide glimpse of long-lost culture

The Oneota Indians were the ancestors of the Ioway, Oto, Winnebago and Missouri tribes in Iowa.

Little is known of the tribe's origins, but the natives appeared to migrate into the tallgrass prairie of the Midwest around A.D. 1000. They survived b ... »

Time Machine: Iowa Windmill & Pump Co.

In 1890, a fast-growing Indiana company, Flint & Walling, opened a distribution center for its popular Star Wind Mills in Cedar Rapids.

A year later, the company decided to save on shipping and start manufacturing the popular, simple and storm-r ... »

Time Machine: Prairie Moon Ballroom in Prairieburg, Iowa provided decades of dances

Rosie and Jim Brislawn opened a roller skating rink in Prairieburg in the early 1950s. It was built on the site where a grocery store, garage and storeroom once stood before a fire destroyed them in the 1930s.

A couple of other popular rinks wer ... »