Diane Langton


Time Machine: The Kendall Building

One of the premier arts venues in Marion started its 123-year-old life as a hardware store.

It all started when Albert and Sarah Higley Kendall moved to Marion from Connecticut in the 1800s. Their son, Wellington Jerome Kendall, was born in May ... »

Time Machine: Col. Roscoe Turner, Legendary speed pilot christened air service in Cedar Rapids

The first commercial passenger airline service in Cedar Rapids began July 17, 1936. Along with the celebration of the service came the famous Col. Roscoe Turner, America's famous speed pilot.

Turner, a native of Mississippi, quit business school b ... »

Time Machine: Iowa’s priest admiral, the extraordinary life of Maurice Sheehy

Maurice S. Sheehy - friend of presidents and football coaches, beloved parish priest and Vatican insider, best-selling author and world traveler, a decorated World War II veteran and the first priest to become a Navy vice admiral - grew up and went to s ... »

Time Machine: Quaker’s campaign for lower taxes

From 1950 to 1952, as the United States ramped up military spending for the Korean War and President Harry Truman labored to balance the federal budget, the taxes paid by average Americans increased drastically.

The federal tax burden had risen ... »

Time Machine: The UI’s Scottish Highlanders

When Army Col. George Frederick Ney Dailey was assigned to the University of Iowa's Department of Military Science and Tactics in 1934, he wanted to form a marching unit.

At first, he settled on a drum and bugle corps. Then he saw a bagpipe band ... »

Time Machine: Clermont Pin Co.

In 1953, there were two places in the country where wooden bowling pins could be reconditioned and repaired. One was in Detroit, the other was in Clermont, a small Fayette County town in northeast Iowa.

Malvin Johnson and William J. Nelson were pa ... »

Time Machine: Hollywood comes to Cedar Rapids

January is marked by post-holiday ennui, but January 1923 was livened up a bit in Cedar Rapids by the arrival of a Hollywood crew to make a movie.

#x201c;If you can look dumb like Buster Keaton, act bashful like Charley Ray or cut up like Doug Fai ... »

Time Machine: The Bever Building

James Lorenzo "Ren" Bever Jr. was born in 1874 in the family home at Iowa Avenue and Madison Street in Cedar Rapids (now First Avenue and Fifth Street SE).

In 1922, Bever, by then president of the Bever & Co. investment firm and Park Avenue Real ... »

Time Machine: Carl Sandburg in Mount Vernon

Carl Sandburg had already published two volumes of poetry - "Chicago Poems" in 1916 and "Cornhuskers" in 1918 - when he arrived on the Cornell College campus in Mount Vernon in 1920.

His reputation as a poet was established - he'd won the Poetry ... »

Time Machine: West Side Sewing

Verna and Walter Davidson opened the Sewing Machine Exchange at 325 First St. SW in 1920. They offered new and used sewing machines, took trade-ins, rented machines and offered to do hem stitching and picot edging for clients.

The Exchange lasted ... »