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On Topic: The education of motorcycle maintenance

I'd never read Robert Pirsig's famous philosophical novel, #x201c;Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,#x201d; though as an English major I recall more than one college professor bringing it up, frequently and wistfully.

They regularly told u ... »

On Topic: The high cost of health

In "An American Sickness: How Health Care Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back" - the highly readable book of the moment, judging from the premium reviews and podcasts, by Elisabeth Rosenthal, a former ER physician and New York Times reporte ... »

On Topic: You kids get off my lawn!

Before moving to Iowa to work at The Gazette, I'd spent a fair batch of time looking for work.

True, journalism jobs are far less plentiful on the ground than they used to be not so long ago. And, also true, publications structurally have fewer ed ... »

On Topic: Gray skies are gonna clear up

There's this joke I like about this guy who telephones his brother who now lives in another state, and he says, #x201c;Hey, Billy, our family cat, the one you grew up with, died last night.#x201d;

And the brother gets upset and replies, #x201c;Wha ... »

On Topic: We all make mistakes

The whole thing is pretty remarkable. Not just for the ill-tempered comments Uber CEO Travis Kalanick directed toward an Uber driver on Super Bowl Sunday - we've become used to people in charge behaving badly in public, sad to say.

Agreed, if you ... »

On Topic: Why tax breaks aren’t the worst thing

Why give tax incentives to ethanol companies, Iowa State University economist Dave Swenson reasoned, when they're going to have to come here anyway?

Iowa, after all, is where the corn is.

To be clear, he's not against using incentives entir ... »

On Topic: News for the real world

Dear Mr. Sorkin:

First, let me say I'm a big fan. I loved the writing in "Sports Night." I often recite the "storm clouds are gathering" speech when talking to reporters here at The Gazette about getting to the point sooner in their stories.

... »
On Topic: Lost and founders, or persistence pays off

#x201c;If you believe in it and if you believe in it hard, it is impossible to fail.#x201d; - Ray Kroc

The unquestionable message for business and personal success in #x201c;The Founder,#x201d; the movie sort of, kind of based on the true story of ... »

100 pickets mark Rockwell Collins cutbacks

CEDAR RAPIDS - More than 100 informational pickets, members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 1362, gathered near Rockwell Collins facilities on C Avenue NE Friday afternoon to draw attention to 63 custodians being let go from the a ... »

On Topic: Loose coins, beer money and planning for the future

This is one of those anecdotes that you're probably not going to believe, for several perfectly understandable reasons, but that I assure you is true. At least, to the best of my recollection.

I'm not certain precisely when this was, but surely ba ... »