In Remembrance

Until we meet again...

Until we meet again…

There once was a beautiful woman named Marge. For 11 wonderful years, Sam was her constant companion — always by her side. Through good times and bad, they were inseparable.
They watched out for one another. They protected the other. They truly loved each other.

Sadly, this past July, that amazing woman, having lived 101 remarkable years, grew weary of the troubled world in which we live and slipped from our mortal grasp ... bound for glory. Without his momma around to pat his woolly head and kiss his slobbery face, Sam did his best to carry on without her. But just six weeks after Marge,
having lived a lifetime of giving himself to her, Sam also grew tired, and followed her to that same special place.

Only love conquers death, and it is in the pure light of the love they had for each other that Marge and Sam have been reunited.
Inseparable, once again.

Goodbye, Marge. Goodbye, Sam.
We will always love you.

Until we meet again…
Pam & Jeff