In Remembrance

To My Husband - I Remember

To My Husband — I Remember

Happy Heavenly 65th Birthday
Dan Brack on August 12

I remember the first day we met
it wasn't long … we were Best Friends
Little did I know it
we'd be together until life's end
I remember our first dance
our first movie
The first time you ever held my hand
my life completely changed
I remember our first "I Love You"
I remember when we said "I do"
I'm so thankful that God was gracious
and sent me someone as special as you
I remember the day you left me
My heart will never mend
Someday I will meet you in heaven
and we will dance and laugh again.

Lovingly, your wife, Dianna Brack
And son/daughter-in-law Tony and Kristin Brack