James W. Hepker

James W. Hepker
January 1949 - March 2016
Happy Father's Day

Dad, some days I can hear your voice and I turn to see your face, yet in my turning it seems the sound has been erased. Who will I turn to for
answers when life makes no sense? Who will be there to hold me close when I'm feeling very tense? Oh Dad, if I could turn back time and hear your voice once again, I'd tell you that out of all the dads, you'll still be my first pick. Please
always know I love you and no one can take your place. The years may come and go, but your
memory will not be erased today. Jesus, as you are listening in your home above, would you go and find my dad and give him all my love....

Love you, from your children —
Jeff, Jeri, Kim, Zeke and Tuba, and all your
grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and even though you're not Mom's dad, she sends all her love and misses you…