One of the many problems in Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas is violence and guns falling into the wrong hands. We need to join together as a community and stop the death of innocent people.

For example, a man who had the proper permits to carry a gun could potentially use that gun in a very violent way. At the Coral Ridge mall a man came in and shot an innocent lady. He had the proper permits to carry it. Some other examples include the death of people accidentally shot because the wrong people got a hold of a gun. This is risky because children could be killed. Also, guns can be used intentionally to commit murders because people seek revenge on people who did them wrong. Even if people are not killed, guns can increase crimes by being used to influence others, like in a robbery.

To solve this problem we could teach gun safety to students as a required class. Also, anybody who owns a gun should have to go through a month of training before being allowed to touch a gun. Finally, any home with children should have to have a safe and everyone in the household go through training. Another solution is anyone under the age of 30 shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun. It may not stop gun violence completely but at least we can cut back on violence and save innocent people.

We need to stand together in the fight against violence. We can be the difference that changes the community and saves lives.

• Angel Bartilson-Bean, 14, loves to play sports, write, and read. When she grows up she wants to be a lawyer.



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