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Leonard - Holland
Ashley Elizabeth Leonard married Capt.
Cody Matthew Holland on July 5, 2013,
at the United States Air Force Academy
Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO. Following the ceremony, the couple celebrated with family and friends at the Academy's
Falcon Club.
Ashley is the daughter of Sharon and Steve Zaugg of Cedar Rapids and Tom
Leonard of Paynesville, MN. Her
grandparents are Julie Wise, Cedar
Rapids, and the late Leland Wise, Sr.
Ashley graduated from Kennedy HS and
received her BA in Business
Administration from Coe College.
Cody is the son of Bill and Angie Holland, formerly of Hillsboro, MO, now residing in Florida. Graduating from Hillsboro HS,
Cody received his BA in Systems
Engineering from the U.S. Air Force
Academy, and holds a Master's degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.
Currently a pilot in the Air Force, he is
stationed near Sacramento. The couple honeymooned in the Colorado Rocky
Mountains and plan an extended trip
following Cody's deployment to

Posted on Sunday, 15 June 2014