Decisions in Marion are perplexing
To the editor: What is going on in Marion? The proposal to tear down the beautiful library is hard to believe. Could they make an annex somewhere? Or, ... »
STO program offers opportunities
To the editor: On behalf of the School Tuition Organizations (STOs) and the families they support, I’d like to provide additional facts related ... »
Our endorsement for Linn-Mar School Board
Four seats are on the ballot Sept. 8 when voters in the fast-growing Linn-Mar head to the polls. Seven candidates are vying for those seats, including ... »
Our endorsement for Cedar Rapids School Board
We believe the Cedar Rapids School Board could use an infusion of new blood.District voters who cast ballots will be asked to choose from among four c ... »
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Time to get involved in Marion library discussion

Sometimes, when there’s trouble ahead, you’ve got to pump the brakes.

That’s what the »

Time for action to clean Iowa’s waterways
DES MOINES — Iowa’s water quality debate suffers from a deep urgency gap.“I’m really hopeful that this is the first step i ... »
Enjoying mandated leisure time
So we’re back from our Branscation.I named our family’s time off last week in honor of Gov. Terry Branstad, because he made it all possi ... »
A rose to the goldfinch and thistle
By Todd Dorman, 24 Hour DormanOne thing that grows without hesitation in our suburban compacted clay dreamscape are thistles.My wife is no fan of thes ... »
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Family, loss and near drownings

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I nearly drowned in the Illinois River.

Our family — Mom, Dad, me and various assortments of my si ... »

Immigration forum will target ugly rhetoric
Young people with handmade signs and women wearing ankle tracking devices surrounded several members of Congress to relay their real-life horror stori ... »
Branstad, GOP hopefuls differ on local control
Spend a little time with the 2016 GOP presidential candidates and you’ll hear their plans to loosen government’s reins and provide local ... »
Binders full of … hypocrisy
Pardon the dust, but it’s time we brush off one of the Republican Party’s binders full of women.And, no, I’m not talking about Mi ... »
Sunday, August 30, 2015
CRSD ROSENTHAL: Positive, innovative ways to encourage student success

Iowa’s educational system is at the center of many battles because of the amount of time and money invested, and because our future depends ... »

CRSD WITT: Leading the state in project-based learning
These past four years I have witnessed firsthand how the Cedar Rapids Community School District has been successful from preschool through our increas ... »
CRSD JANSSEN: Seek efficiencies, align resources and continuously improve
My name is Kristin Janssen, and I am running for an at-large seat on the Cedar Rapids Community School Board. I believe I bring a new voice, a fresh p ... »
CRSD Laverty: Keep reaching for new heights
As a parent and volunteer, it’s been my honor the past eight years to serve on the Cedar Rapids Community School District board of dducation. W ... »
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