Letter: Our branding deserves better
#x201c;There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'good job.'#x201d; That's a line from the film #x201c;Whiplash.#x201d; It spea ... »
Letter: Sen. Liz Mathis hosts Medicaid meeting
Iowans are having problems with the transition from Medicaid, our state's most important health care safety net, to a managed care system. Recently, ... »
Let voters choose I.C. school board replacement
The Iowa City Community School District's board has decided it will move to appoint a replacement for Tom Yates, who resigned from the board this mont ... »
Serviceman’s Purple Heart belongs in Cedar Rapids
Leonard L. Kelly was born and raised in Cedar Rapids. Before enlisting in the Army to fight in World War II, he worked at Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids. ... »
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Revamped Greene Square is sweeter
So last week I was on the Bob Bruce Radio Experience, and Bob relayed a question for me from an unnamed Cedar Rapids #x201c;civic leader#x201d; he sai ... »
Our governor is decrying the wrong overreach
So Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad has waded into the great American bathroom debate.This week, the governor criticized an Obama administration directive inf ... »
Charge of cheesecake angst leaves me frosted
Let the record show I don't give a rip if Cedar Rapids ever becomes home to a Cheesecake Factory. No offense, factory fans. Apparently, last Tuesday' ... »
Saying farewell to a great school
Years ago, when I took this columnizing gig, my wife, Katherine, and I worried we wouldn't be able to find a school for our kids as good as the one we ... »
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Party platform influence is poor concession
Word is that Democratic officials are hoping to heal the rift between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. It's a good goal, even if the act ... »
VIDEO: Cedar Rapids bus riders talk pluses, minuses of system
Hoping to provide elected officials with a better understanding of how existing public transit services in Cedar Rapids impact the public, columnist L ... »
Pat Murphy campaigning like it’s 1999
Have a look around. This is the year of the political outsider. Too bad 1st Congressional District Democratic hopeful Pat Murphy was robodialing inste ... »
Congress takes aim at school lunch
If Congress continues on its current path, students will be eating less healthy, and less often. Republicans in the U.S. House are advancing a bill t ... »
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Farming from fence row to fence row
#x201c;Farmers should plant fence row to fence row#x201d; was a directive made nearly half a century ago by Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz who opp ... »
Vote in upcoming primary elections
Primary Election Day is June 7, and I encourage all eligible Iowans to make their voices heard by participating. Exercising the right to vote is one o ... »
Time for a party of compassionate conservatism
My party is dying a swift yet painful death. I've identified as a Republican since I began to think about politics. I think my days as a Republican ar ... »
Three keys to fixing Iowa waterways
A few days after the New Year, Gov. Terry Branstad unveiled a water-quality plan he called his #x201c;biggest and boldest initiative#x201d; ever. Legi ... »
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