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Take action to protect Medicaid
To the editor: I'm grateful for Medicaid, the health care safety net that protects all of us.Every Iowa family is one disability or accident away fro ... »
Protect our natural infrastructure
To the editor: The water we drink, the air we breathe, and the land we inhabit is the natural infrastructure that sustains us all. Yet, they receive t ... »
Cedar Rapids Council’s reprieve for the Knutson Building is the right call
We think the Cedar Rapids City Council made the right call earlier this month in granting a reprieve to the Knutson Building.It sits on the west side ... »
Even in troubled times, much to be thankful for
Pick up a paper or tune in to the news lately, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the world is falling apart.Global terrorism. Senseless killings ... »
Thursday, November 26, 2015
Feasting on a big plate of thankful

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

Here's what I'm thankful for, as far as you know.

I'm thankful for our dog Scuttle, because he only b ... »

Taking back? Give it a rest
It's the season of giving. But the country, apparently, remains ripe for the taking. #x201c;We have to take our country back,#x201d; said Republican p ... »
Rewards and requirements for our elementary teachers
We have just two kids in our home, and most of our days operate on a frayed, wobbly tightrope between chaos and fiasco.Rhonda King has 21 first-grader ... »
Morning Branstad was right
Gov. Terry Branstad couldn't let his inner voice of reason override his political weather vane, even if it seemed on Monday we had one governor in the ... »
Saturday, November 28, 2015
Big ROI in living a grateful life

Did the Thanksgiving holiday help you to physically feel better? If not, you may have been doing it wrong.

Researchers have found that peopl ... »

Plans for potential pipeline problems should be public
Last week, Todd Stamm, vice president of the company that would operate the proposed Bakken oil pipeline, told Iowa Utilities Board members that threa ... »
Learn to live despite risk, fear
Although only a handful of people know it, there was a time when I couldn't get behind the wheel of a car without having a panic attack. It started l ... »
Missouri professor no longer deserves position
University of Missouri Assistant Professor of Communication Melissa Click must be fired.If you've watched the video, then you are hereby excused from ... »
Monday, November 30, 2015
Urge Chuck Grassley to move cannabidol bill forward

My son Abram has been struggling from the start. He came into this world via an emergency C-section and then suffered meconium aspiration, respirat ... »

Think twice before passing medical marijuana laws
State after state is legalizing medical marijuana, but doctors and patient groups aren't demanding these laws. The AMA doesn't want them, nor does the ... »
Home delivered, congregate meals provide more than nutrition to older Iowans
In 2015, alone, meal programs served 33,153 meals to more than 4,000 older Iowans who were food insecure, according to the Iowa Commission on Aging. N ... »
Democrats should start talking tax reform
The 2016 Democratic presidential candidates wrapped up their second debate recently. While there was plenty of discussion about the economy on that Io ... »
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