Join forces to stop Medicare cuts
To the editor: In regard to the Sept. 18 column “Lawmakers step up for Medicare” by Dwight Baldwin:Why are patients, cancer doctors and ... »
Vote yes to continue library programs
To the editor: The new changes in the traffic flow downtown and the downtown parking spaces being taken up by the construction are driving me crazy! B ... »
Branstad’s bullying order is welcome
Gov. Terry Branstad came to Cedar Rapids this week to do what state lawmakers have declined to do for three years — take meaningful action to h ... »
Keep working on bed-tracking solution
With only 29 facilities providing inpatient psychiatric services and only 31 counties having practicing psychiatrists, it is imperative Iowans in need ... »
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Promises Branstad didn’t keep

So our governor’s words have come back to haunt him, and this time the punches are coming from his right.

In 2010, candidate Terry Br ... »

Bill’s Drinking Establishment bids farewell to Marion
In my humble opinion, Bill’s Drinking Establishment in Marion was a perfect bar.It was uncomplicated and unpretentious. It was friendly and fam ... »
Hogg starts an uphill campaign
WATERLOO — Just 20 miles from New Hartford, where U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley famously farms, mows his lawn and crafts his brand of “common ... »
A Linn County board seat turns blue
So Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson has switched teams.“Yeah, I re-registered to vote on Friday as a Democrat,” said Oleson, who was ... »
Sunday, September 27, 2015
Too bad Obama isn’t a Muslim

The first U.S. visit by Pope Francis made clear that most Americans have finally sat aside anti-Catholic prejudice, a process that began decades ag ... »

Six months? Make your voice louder
Six months have passed since federal authorities labeled an Iowa City pastor as one of the “worst of the worst,” devastated his family a ... »
The changing face of rural America
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Asked to create a mental image of the people most likely to participate in a national rural conference, few would imagine Ke ... »
Catching up on odds and ends
It’s amazing how much can pile up when you’re out of town for a few days, isn’t it? Below are two brief follow-ups to past column ... »
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Writers Circle: What is the future of public higher education?

On Sept. 9, members of the Gazette Writers Circle met to discuss the future of the University of Iowa and public universities.

CREATE ... »

Celebrating Engle’s impact in community
In the documentary film, “City of Literature,” made by University of Iowa filmmakers, UI English Professor Loren Glass speaks about Paul ... »
Will tomorrow’s universities prepare students for meaningful work?
If I had one wish for my child, it would be happiness. As an adult, much of his happiness (or unhappiness) will stem from his work life. I’ve b ... »
Model university leadership on city managers and mayors
The Regents’ appointment of Bruce Harreld as the UI President has clearly ignited a firestorm of criticism. Critics maintain that since the reg ... »
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