Letter: All aspects of treaty missing in column
Tim Burrack's Jan. 31 column #x201c;Caucus voters should consider trade#x201d; supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) failed to mention two di ... »
Letter: Support Grassley’s sentencing reform bill
As a high school student, I was appalled to learn that the United States has more than 25 percent of the world's prison population, yet our citizens o ... »
Building blocks
What makes a place great? How can we make our communities better, more prosperous places? How can we build on our unique strengths and local identity? ... »
University of Iowa should release Matt Strawn polling documents
Sadly, the University of Iowa again is circling its wagons in the face of a call for transparency.This time, the university is refusing to release doc ... »
Thursday, February 04, 2016
Caucus night flavor lingers on
1. A bitter caucus aftertaste lingers for Iowa Democrats.Hillary Clinton backers watched their once invincible candidate blow an enormous polling advanta ... »
An Iowa caucus campaign for the ages ends at last
Farewell, American political media industrial complex. Iowans have, at long last, caucused. You're free to pull up your tents and move on. The snowsto ... »
As the Iowa Caucuses draw nigh, a quiz to test your patience
So Iowa's caucuses are mere hours away. What a ride it's been. Just think, babies born today were conceived back when Scott Walker was a good bet and ... »
Backers of Cedar Rapids’ proposed soil ordinance are determined
Todd Dorman, 24 Hour DormanLast fall, I figured the debate in Cedar Rapids over restoring soil on building sites and reducing runoff might begin to un ... »
Saturday, February 06, 2016
Meanwhile under the golden dome
1. Welcome back to another year of Legislative Goodness. I'm joined by intrepid reporter Graph Stacker and political analyst Ima Payfordthiss. Anything u ... »
Time for Iowa Democrats to clean house
Nearly two years ago Iowa Republicans made changes to protect the first-in-the-nation caucuses. Iowa Democrats must now do the same.Republican correct ... »
Wendell Willkie is a 2016 cautionary tale
National pundits pondering what a Donald Trump nomination means for the Republican Party and the nation have been reading the tea leaves. They'd be be ... »
2016 Iowa caucus no rural friend
Thank goodness it's nearly time to pitch the hay bales back in the barn.Presidential candidates - declared and exploring - have been milling about Iow ... »
Wednesday, February 03, 2016
Know Your Constitution contest leads to real learning
1. Last fall the Iowa Bar Association put out the Know Your Constitution test for students grades 9-12. The test consisted of a 50 question open-book mul ... »
Toward transparency and accountability in state government
The State of Iowa spends approximately $7.3 billion of taxpayer money annually. While the biggest chunks of that, such as education and Medicaid, rece ... »
Immigrants in Iowa show hate has no place in our state
Last December, Hillary Clinton spoke in Iowa City about Syrian refugees and Islamophobia. She said that hate filled rhetoric is #x201c;contrary to who ... »
The 2016 Iowa caucuses were the real winner
The 2016 Iowa caucuses were an incredible night. First, the caucuses won with fabulous turnout. No longer can anyone say it's a lethargic and low turn ... »
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