Letter: Donald Trump better suited to lead
Radical Democrats who used to loathe the middle class now embrace them, all the while moving farther to the left and advocating policies that do littl ... »
Letter: Hillary Clinton has a plan for America
If ever there was a woman of internal strength, it is Hillary Clinton. She reminds me of my strong mother who always said, #x201c;the best helping han ... »
A chance to explore ‘second-chance’ hiring
Finding a job is one of the greatest challenges faced by people getting out of prison. It's also a cornerstone to the self-sufficiency and positive co ... »
Prevent deaths with stiffer penalties, more awareness
Days before hordes of bicyclists converge in Iowa for RAGBRAI, Corridor residents have received another horrific reminder of how dangerous roadways ca ... »
Sunday, July 17, 2016
On the road to Cleveland, where ‘conscience’ is key
Jason Schultz said he's driving to Cleveland, but not on the back of the #x201c;old tractor#x201d; where I reached the state senator a few days ago at ... »
Linn County Board puts its five-member fate on the ballot
So what's it going to be, Linn County? Five or three?I'm talking about our Linn County Board of Supervisors, which voted this week to put a measure on ... »
Trumping Clinton’s email woes
Years ago, as a very young city hall reporter, I covered a young mayor in Fort Dodge who ran afoul of local movers and shakers. Those movers and shake ... »
Sick of boring U.S. history? Trump it!
Warning: My annual dose of July 4 satire.As our nation once again celebrates its independence, do you find yourself becoming tired of the same old sta ... »
Sunday, July 17, 2016
On the road to Philly: Pasquale Luz
Family photos tell the story of just how many of Pasquale Luz's 24 years have been spent in politics as well as how important it has been for his fami ... »
The circus comes to Cleveland
Perhaps Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter said it best: #x201c;Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been.#x201d; Members of the Re ... »
On the road to Philly: Jason Brown
Touring musician Jason Brown is nearing the end of a monthslong political journey, and he knows these last few lengths will be the most challenging an ... »
DeCosters’ jail sentences justified
If you believe a massive 2010 Salmonella outbreak linked to Iowa eggs was the result of a few rogue workers, you haven't been paying attention. Execut ... »
Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Erdogan will not bring democracy to Turkey
The West made a big mistake by glorifying Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's current president, when he came to power 14 years ago. Despite his well-known ... »
Solving America’s drug problem
Recently, Iowa Democrats added #x201c;legalizing all drugs#x201d; to its official party platform. In March, a team of medical experts from Johns Hopki ... »
The facts about Hillary Clinton’s emails
The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while Secretary of State found Clinton was incompetent in leadership and go ... »
What else is in our water?
Recent incidents of high levels of lead and nitrates in drinking water have caused serious concerns about exposure to these toxins. Lead and nitrates ... »
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