Harreld more than qualified to lead
To the editor: It is time to move away from the misconceived notion that academics are the only ones who can successfully lead a university. Sure, it ... »
Bill Aossey should not be in jail
To the editor: This letter is written in support of Bill Aossey, who is in the Linn County Jail. I am an American citizen now, but I emigrated from So ... »
Our endorsements for Iowa City Council
Of all the issues that can challenge city leaders, growth is one of the most desirable. Even so, managing that growth requires thoughtful planning and ... »
A rule change that breaks the rules
The Branstad administration is pursuing a rule change that breaks the rules of good government. The Department of Revenue has served notice that it in ... »
Sunday, October 11, 2015
An endorsment, and a transformation

Roughly a year ago, our editorial page carried a hopeful headline. “Rod Blum is best suited to find bipartisan solutions.”

It a ... »

Who needs a General Assembly?
Sometimes, you have to wonder why we bother electing a General Assembly. A governor, apparently, is all we need. For fresh evidence, look no further t ... »
Speeder Trapids calling. To pay now, press one
Ring … Ring … Ring.Hello, this is the city of Cedar Rapids’ automated speed enforcement system collections division. It’s ... »
The Week — Sacred cows and Doc Carson’s war on bias
The Week — an irregular feature, back by no demand whatsoever.CAUCUS COW HAS MUCH AT STEAK — Comes now the Reince of Priebus to slay the ... »
Saturday, October 10, 2015
Placemaking: Seeking our place to belong

Pause for a moment and consider your community or neighborhood. Do you thrive there? Are you attached to it? Do you belong?

Those are questi ... »

An order to do what lawmakers will not
After three years of battling unwilling lawmakers, Gov. Terry Branstad took another executive order plunge Monday.The order — the 86th issued b ... »
Weren’t we discussing fetal tissue?
How did we move from supposed outrage about undercover videos regarding the use of fetal tissue in medical research, to proposed legislation and Congr ... »
Too bad Obama isn’t a Muslim
The first U.S. visit by Pope Francis made clear that most Americans have finally sat aside anti-Catholic prejudice, a process that began decades ago.J ... »
Sunday, October 11, 2015
Iowa City at large: Tim Conroy

I am running for council because as Iowa City moves forward and changes, I want to help make it as good as it can be. The community has worked hard ... »

Iowa City District C: Scott McDonough
I am a dedicated and vested member of the Iowa City community. Through many years in Iowa City, first as a student at the University of Iowa, then a s ... »
Iowa City Distric A: Pauline Taylor
Recently there has been a lot of information in the news about the Iowa Board of Regents (BOR) decision to select Mr. Herrald as the new President of ... »
Iowa City District A: Rick Dobyns
Elections are, by their nature, a choice between two people. This fall in Iowa City the council candidates mimic most elections and give you two choic ... »
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