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I'm a columnist, editorial writer and blogger for The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I write about local and state government, politics, social issues, children, dogs, barbecue, or whatever shiny thing catches my woefully short attention span. I've been here since October 2007, after covering the Statehouse for nearly a decade, and my blog has been online since November 2007. I was student body president of my high school in 1988-89 and that's the last time I'll run for anything. Except maybe a free beer or an ice cream truck.e





Larson tries a 15th time for victory

So P.T. Larson is back on the ballot. If his name rings a bell, you know that's no surprise.

Larson ran in 14 Cedar Rapids city elections between 1987 and 2011. He ran for mayor four times, the last time in 2009. He lost every time, 0-14.


After a decade, still a privilege to columnize

Ten years ago this past week, I walked into The Gazette to begin work as a columnist. I was hired for my unparalleled skills as a writer. It was a dark and stormy morning.

I know, 10 years is not a long time in the great scheme of vocational longe ... »

Scary market studies will spook gaming commission

After a summer/early fall of speculation, accusation and presentation, we now have the fateful gambling market studies of October. For backers of three Cedar Rapids casino projects, the horrors of Halloween came early.

Next up, #x201c;No Way!#x20 ... »

Iowa GOP creating a friendly workplace, for lawyers

So we the taxpayers are officially paying the $1.75 million bill to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit leveled against Republicans who run the Iowa Senate. This past summer, a jury awarded former Senate GOP communications staffer Kirsten Anderson $2.2 m ... »

Being prepared should be a priority

Last year, a flood. This year, a moderate drought.

Weather? Climate? Sure. But also a politicalmetaphor.

A year ago, this past week, the Cedar River at Cedar Rapids swelled to its second-highest crest ever. Along with the rising river came ... »

Chewing over Cedar Rapids casino bids, commission is warned to fear cannibals

How long did we have to wait for the first reference to #x201c;cannibalization#x201d; at the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission's ... »

Gambling regulators return to Cedar Rapids as rival casino bids roll the dice

Last time the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission came to town, it was quite a spectacle.

In April 2014, city leaders urged hundreds of people to show up and welcome the commission in a display of community support for the Cedar Crossing Casino proj ... »

Searching for sources of revenue

What a sweet racket it could be.

The Cedar Rapids City Council voted initially last week to turn unpaid traffic camera tickets over to a state collection program that taps scofflaws' gambling winnings in state-licensed casinos, along with tax ref ... »

New ag secretary unlikely to make waves on water quality

So we're getting a new Iowa secretary of agriculture. But if you're hoping for a new approach for improving water quality, don't hold your breath.

Current Secretary Bill Northey is being nominated to a position in the Trump administration. And th ... »

Town halls cause much discomfort, but they remain necessary

Maybe we need a town hall meeting on the future of town hall meetings.

Last weekend, The Gazette's James Lynch, political reporter and resident voice of reason at our Pints and Politics events, wrote of the ongoing ... »