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I'm a columnist, editorial writer and blogger for The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I write about local and state government, politics, social issues, children, dogs, barbecue, or whatever shiny thing catches my woefully short attention span. I've been here since October 2007, after covering the Statehouse for nearly a decade, and my blog has been online since November 2007. I was student body president of my high school in 1988-89 and that's the last time I'll run for anything. Except maybe a free beer or an ice cream truck.e





Iowa water hopes not dead yet

So your Iowa Legislature, presented by Sizzler University, may still do something smart and meaty on water quality this year.

Chances remain lean. But even that's remarkable, considering not so long ago ... »

A busy session, sure, but an historic one?

There's no doubt Iowa's 2017 legislative session has yielded plenty of news, sparked loud protests and stirred strong emotions. But will it be seen years from now as a session of historic consequence?

If you're a Democrat or any other Iowan who be ... »

Analyzing the Cedar Rapids casino analysts

ALTOONA - Our Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has six choices as it picks a company or companies to do a gambling market analysis, numbers likely to determine the ultimate fate of three Cedar Rapids casino proposals.

No biggie. Just all the marb ... »

Cannibals before the high court

It didn't get much attention at the time, but oral arguments in a local attorney's lawsuit against the Iowa Racing and Gaming Co ... »

An indie in the middle at the Statehouse

State Sen. David Johnson, I-Ocheyedan, is a caucus of one, with no regrets and a lot to say.

#x201c;I feel very comfortable with my decision. I wouldn't have changed anything,#x201d; said Johnson, who left the Republican Party last year ... »

Cannabis gets kicked once again at the Statehouse

Before the legislative session, Republicans planned to #x201c;kick the door in#x201d; at the Statehouse. Now, they barely have the courage to look through the peephole at a meaningful medical marijuana bill.

It's pathetic, and, sadly, predictable ... »

Hopes for Statehose water quality push look bleak

Our Iowa Legislature has a problems problem.

For example, widespread voter fraud isn't a real problem. And yet, the Republican majority is pursuing major legislation to address the non-problem. Which may cause problems.

When the state's pub ... »

Closing the book on prospects for a Marion library vote

Marion is moving ahead with plans to build a new public library uptown. It is not moving ahead with a public vote to see if citizens want it.

The vote was promised, but plans changed. Now we've got a good project that leaves a bad taste.

... »

Corbett belts out the blues, but few clues

In my line of work, politicians offering a song and dance are hardly surprising. But after Wednesday's Cedar Rapids State of the City speech, I'm prepared to revise conventional wisdom.

At the end of his roughly 45-minute talk, Corbett called the ... »

From even-keeled to rightward legislative lurch

Our right-lurching Legislature has lost its sense of balance.

And balance was a valuable trait of Iowa Statehouse politics for decades. Sure, there were hot issues and heated debates, but overall, a largely temperate climate prevailed.

Of c ... »