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I'm a columnist, editorial writer and blogger for The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I write about local and state government, politics, social issues, children, dogs, barbecue, or whatever shiny thing catches my woefully short attention span. I've been here since October 2007, after covering the Statehouse for nearly a decade, and my blog has been online since November 2007. I was student body president of my high school in 1988-89 and that's the last time I'll run for anything. Except maybe a free beer or an ice cream truck.e





Corbett belts out the blues, but few clues

In my line of work, politicians offering a song and dance are hardly surprising. But after Wednesday's Cedar Rapids State of the City speech, I'm prepared to revise conventional wisdom.

At the end of his roughly 45-minute talk, Corbett called the ... »

From even-keeled to rightward legislative lurch

Our right-lurching Legislature has lost its sense of balance.

And balance was a valuable trait of Iowa Statehouse politics for decades. Sure, there were hot issues and heated debates, but overall, a largely temperate climate prevailed.

Of c ... »

Casino applications point to nibbles, not cannibals

So the applications are in for our three Casino Clash '17 contenders, including a pair of Cedar Crossings and a Wild Rose boutique.

These hefty works of literature generally don't have titles. But if they did, I'd submit #x201c;Cannibals? What Can ... »

Headed for a GOP hangover

Last summer, at a Cleveland brewery where Grand Old Pilsner was a featured pint, I asked Iowa House Speaker Linda Upmeyer ... »

Roses or crossings? A new casino race begins

Spurred by the thorns of a Wild Rose, Steve Gray and his local investor group are back in the casino race.

You may recall, in September ... »

Iowa water issues taking a Statehouse back seat

Since the Iowa Supreme Court issued its ruling last month denting up the Des Moines Water Works' legal fight to hold drainage districts accountable for polluted runoff, it seems the momentum for a Legislative water quality push has faded.

The laws ... »

Last call for the Legislature?

Forget nixing Daylight Saving Time. Maybe lawmakers should be contemplating quitting time.

The Globe-Gazette in Mason City, one ... »

Making America Musical Again: New anthems for Trump’s reign

Well, it's certainly been an interesting couple of weeks.

The new administration is up and running and banning and firing. My opened heart has swiftly filled with patriotism. WebMD says that can be dangerous, so I've got to find a release. What to ... »

Linn voters shrink the county board, but drama grows

So let's check in on #x201c;Survivor Island,#x201d; also known as Linn County government.

It was county Supervisor Brent Oleson who recently coined that clever name for a five-member Board of Supervisors now facing the prospect of shrinking to th ... »

Mayoral possibilities list shrinks

So the list of folks who might want to be the next mayor of Cedar Rapids is shrinking.

Tyler Olson, a former state representative from Cedar Rapids, told me this past weekend he's decided not to run. He'd been thinking it over for a few months. ... »