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Todd Dorman

I'm a columnist, editorial writer and blogger for The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I write about local and state government, politics, social issues, children, dogs, barbecue, or whatever shiny thing catches my woefully short attention span. I've been here since October 2007, after covering the Statehouse for nearly a decade, and my blog has been online since November 2007. I was student body president of my high school in 1988-89 and that's the last time I'll run for anything. Except maybe a free beer or an ice cream truck.e





Has the day of regret arrived, at last?

Watching top Iowa Republican leaders in 2016 tightly lash the nation's fate and their fortunes to the careening Trump Train, a question loomed behind the big rallies and loud cheers.

Would there ever come a day when they'd regret it?

There h ... »

Fireworks bans won’t make good neighbors

On the Fourth of July, a bunch of my north Marion neighbors gathered at one of our homes to shoot off fireworks.

For a few hours straddling dusk, we sent rockets and mortars skyward. We ignited sparkling, spinning and popping stuff on the ground. ... »

High stakes in Iowa rising with humidity

Mold would really appreciate it if we'd ignore climate change.

#x201c;Some molds are very moisture loving,#x201d; said Betsy Stone, associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of Iowa. For funga ... »

Process is not the problem

Ron Corbett is floating the wonkiest policy proposal I've heard so far in the 2018 race for governor.

As the Republican candidate for governor assailed Gov. Kim Reynolds' budgetary management, the mayor of Cedar Rapids also took aim at the Revenu ... »

Only taxpayers are being punished for Iowa Senate harassment debacle

My daughters are interested in politics, for some reason. It wouldn't surprise me if one or both consider applying to be a legislative page. Following in the old man's footsteps.

I was proud to work at the Statehouse, both as a page and later as ... »

Corbett warns of a Chet reset

Republican candidate for governor Ron Corbett says GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds is pulling pages from #x201c;Big Debt Chet's#x201d; ... »

Waiting for Dems’ water plans

Most among the cast of thousands seeking the Democratic nomination for governor have mentioned Iowa's lousy water quality as a problem in need of attention.

#x201c;I have tested the political waters and I found them high in nitrates, bacteria and ... »

Cedar Rapids Council’s feel-good panhandling ordinance

So your Cedar Rapids City Council is all but certain to approve strict new limits on panhandling this evening (Tuesday), wrapped in the more pleasant packaging of ... »

Iowa is waiting again for outsiders to take care of health care

Gov. Kim Reynolds is waiting for the feds to render a verdict on her administration's stopgap plan to shore up Iowa's teeter ... »

Corbett swears off the swamp

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, a fan of pop music, has no doubt heard the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies perform #x201c;If I Had a $1,000,000.#x201d;

#x201c;If I had a million dollars,#x2 ... »