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Earlier on KF show, Dolph said RB Malloy is not currently on the team

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We're listening to the Kirk Ferentz radio show.

Dolph says dust off your winter coat and he's right.

It'll be 25ish Saturday with big winds. Dolph guessed a wind chill at around 10. That's cold for a football game in Iowa.

Craig from Sioux City said it'll be "colder than a witch's thorax."

So, we're off.

Craig wants to know if RB Jordan Canzeri will make the start this week. Dolph thinks no on Canzeri start.

Dolph reasons -- Easing him in because of ACL. No reason to start him over Damon Bullock or Mark Weisman. Dolph calls him a middle relief pitcher and is better off the bench. That's a fair statement, IMO. Dolph says no reason to start over the other two, but he might come in earlier.

Sometimes the starting thing is overrated, Dolph said. I'll buy that, too, especially for running backs.

Mike in Dubuque -- He wants to know about redshirt frosh RB Mike Malloy. Dolph said Malloy is not on the team right now and probably won't play this season. He reviewed what Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said a few weeks ago.

So, Malloy not with the team. He has had some sort of ortho surgery, but I'm not sure if that was football related. Frankly, not sure about his status.

Mike also asked about St. Louis RB Markel Smith, who recently committed to Iowa. Dolph doesn't mention his name. He can, Ferentz can't. Dolph did acknowledge that Smith de-committed from Missouri and then picked Iowa.

Special teams statement on improvement. Yes, I agree. The kick coverage has been solid. Let's see about this week. A little jump in caliber of athlete from Purdue.

Dolph praises KMM on punt returns. He also called inside your own 20-yard line the "negative red zone." OK. I kinda dig that.

Iowa AD Gary Barta on now. He votes for an RB who gains 8.5 yards a carry. He likes arguing about which running back than the last few years where there really weren't any left.

Iowa has a lot going on this weekend. Iowa City Duals on Friday 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. Penn comes to Carver-Hawkeye Arena (my colleague Scott Dochterman will have a story on Dau Jok, Iowa freshman Peter Jok's brother. It's going to be amazing, the kid is a wonder, wants to "change the world."). And then Michigan game, of course.

Barta talks about last year's game at Michigan. Doesn't go into convulsions. Senior day vs. Michigan is an opportunity.

Bowls are fun. Dolph enjoys the speculation. I'm not huge on it. It brings the web hits, though, so Barta on bowls . . . Never been to a bad one. Can eliminate Detroit. One or two in the BCS from the Big Ten. Opportunity up to the Outback Bowl. Fans do a good job selling it to bowl reps. Bowls want TVs tuned in and buttocks in the seats. (Will you travel this year?) Haven't been to the Gator since '84? Buffalo Wild Wings is possible, but two appearances in AZ recently would probably push Iowa to Gator.

Barta said a Texas Bowl rep will be at Kinnick this weekend.

KF is in the house.

Iowa was indoors for practice today. BTW, the Hawkeyes practice Sunday evening at Kinnick Stadium.

The new indoor facility is better than the bubble. Dudes, it was long overdue. Phase II, the weights and such, opens in July. It's being built now and progressing nicely.

Ed from Marshalltown -- Saw Iowa win at Michigan recently. His comment is Tom and Karen are great Hawk fans and they are in attendance at Carlos O'Kelly's. Tom will have some surgery at UIHC tomorrow. God bless, Tom from Oelwein! Be well, sir.

Jim from CF wants to know what the most improve unit is and LBs of the future.

KF: Quinton Alston is considered a starter. He'll be a senior MLB next year. They love Travis Perry, he'll be the OLB. Cole Fisher and Reggie Spearman will battle at WLB. KF didn't dismiss anyone. They're are eyeing LB behind the scenes. Most improved? The D-line. (Yes, yes and yes.) Senior DE Dominic Alvis mention (no update on his health). On offense, KF mentions QB Jake Rudock. They like his development. Room for improvement on O, but players moving forward.

Talking OL. KF believes Jordan Walsh has improved every week. Nolan MacMillan progressing. Hopefully, developing depth, KF said.

Text from Wichita Jim: Wants to know what KF would think about playing Bill Snyder's K-State. KF doesn't like playing former colleagues. Takes the fun out of the relationship for a short time. Snyder turned K-State from a tar pit into a respectable program that, I think, was national-title caliber in 1998.

Another text: Cold memories. KF brought up Penn State 2008. A good memory.

Hawk Talk will be same time next week. KF will be in from 7 to 8 and then is bolting because it is a short week.

Adam in Algona -- Wonders if coach realized Dallas Clark got his 500th NFL reception on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, Dolph said to say some prayers for Washinton, Ill., and the other communities hit by the F4 tornado. Wish everyone the best! Washington is 12-0 in football and playing a team from Springfield Griffin on Saturday. Springfield is sending a parade of buses to town. Will put up the team the night before and feed them and all that before the game. Sending supplies too.

KF knows and talks about Springfield's coach, Ken something (sorry, typing fast). Great story about having a dinner during recruiting. The gentleman's son coaches at Rochester in Illinois. Iowa has Riley McMinn from Rochester (soph DE who's been hurt all season).

Good stuff on Dallas Clark. He's a great player, even better person (this is me talking). Dolph talked about Clark's thoughts on coming back for a 10th year. He's just a competitor.

KF: He wasn't going to play just to play. It had to be the right fit. Jim Caldwell is OC in Baltimore. He's a former Iowa player. Tough-minded group. Might have a chance to make the playoffs.

TE of the year award in the Big Ten is named after Dallas Clark.

Adam from Arizona: Wants to know about enjoyable bowl experiences.

KF: Great question. No such thing as a bad bowl, according to former Iowa DC Bill Brashier. Saying goodbye to seniors is tough, but the bowl gives them another month. Alamo Bowl in '01, KF said, felt like the Super Bowl. Iowa beat Kliff Kingsbury and Wes Welker in that game. The Outback over South Carolina. Drew Tate to Warren Holloway.

The topic now is Michigan.

RBs Green and Smith showed up last week. OL was much better, too. KF said it looked like Green had 150 yards last week, but it was only 79. He's a rugged back. Center came along. The young guards also played well. Getting the inside equation solved was the thing for UM and KF said it looks like that's been solved.

KF on Gardner: He tore us apart last year, almost with his eyes closed.

KF on Jeremy Gallon: I could've sworn he played when Lloyd Carr was there. Seems like he's been there forever.

Good-looking team. Young in a couple of spots. Looked and played the part last week.

On defense: Frank Clark is good. Jake Ryan has come back to give UM some life. Had the torn ACL last spring and made it back 207 days later. UM rotates a lot of players in. Four or five 300-pounders in the front four. Morgan and Ross are good athletes. Said Gordon is the leader in the secondary.

Year of the LB in the Big Ten.

Heather texts from Cresco: Describe senior day emotions.

KF: Tougher to be a parent than a coach. Learned when Brian went through it in '05. First time his wife was on field on '05. Different perspective. When son is introduced, it's a proud moment. No one gets anywhere by themselves. Guys work hard. Football, academics, injuries, it's an awful lot. To get through highs and lows, most guys will tell you they got great support from home. Special day for all involved. Bitersweet, close to saying goodbye but not yet.

Dolph plugs Iowa Ladies Football Academy. The website is open. KF calls it "invigorating." Here's the website, give it a shot, ladies: Iowa Ladies Football Academy.

Tommy from Des Moines!!!!!

Here we go: Tommy is fine. He has a request. There is a man in IC, Dr. William Moline (?????). Invented the football mouthpiece. Friend of Jim Zabel. Would like to have him honored. A great, great man who's helped a lot of young kids.

His comment: What were you doing 50 years ago this coming Friday? (Kennedy assassination)

This is the 1963 Iowa football. It had a game with ND and the game was canceled. It would've been senior day and it was canceled. It was the right call, of course.

Dolph: Remembered his teacher walking into the classroom and telling the class.

KF: A young guy in Pittsburgh. Tough to reflect upon.

JFK and Nile Kinnick had a brush together during a Naval pickup football game in school. Dolph said JFK knocked on Kinnick's door and said, "You're playing with me."

KF said the game will be a classic Big Ten game. Weather will be a factor. Special teams will be large.


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