Ferentz radio: Opens 2nd half can of worms

Ferentz reads the theories, says the answer is to play better

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I'm actually early tonight.

-- Dolph opens with the weather. We are in Iowa, this is what we do. (It was what we did when I lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota, too.)

It's raining. It'll be gone by Saturday and Kinnick is FieldTurf, anyhow.

-- Wisconsin LB Chris Borland is working on his return to the lineup. Tomorrow is a big day:

-- Dolph said CJF was on a hot route on the game's final play last week. He wasn't. Outside WRs were hot route. CJF ran the route he was supposed to.

-- Dolph said Bret Bielema told him before he left for Arkansas that he thought the 2013 Badgers defense would be his best at UW. Six of the front seven are seniors. This defense is superb.

-- Dolph talks about the indoor facility. It keeps the rain out.

-- The new administration and weights and basic football building is coming along, Dolph said. He's right. Things are clipping along nicely there. It's not Oregon's "Death Star," but it's going to be a significant upgrade.

-- Craig from Sioux City wants to know about the running game. Question on Weisman carries, Jordan Canzeri carries. Is LeShun Daniels going to more carries? What about Barkley Hill? -- Dolph said Weisman has more carries than anyone in the Big Ten. He did at one point. Now, he's No. 2 to Fitzgerald Toussaint (155 to 149).

-- Question about Iowa's "raider" formation. All the linemen were standing up: Dolph is right here. Iowa used that a few times a bunch of years ago and Iowa did have one DT in the formation (LTP). It wasn't incredibly effective, but it was something different.

-- Lots of commercials tonight. KF's voice is hanging by a thread.

What has a better chance to make it to Saturday, Borland's hamstring or KF's voice?

I'd go Borland.

-- KF was listening to a prep football game on his drive to the radio show. Wonder if it was Cedar Falls?

-- Rodney for Carlos has a question. He wants to know if teams or players have a social hello when they visit. Kids they try to recruit, anyway.

KF said he dropped a note in the mail today to the OL from NW who was from his high school in Pittsburgh.

-- 515 Sandra wants to know about the excitement of the OT win last week.

KF: Gratifying. Started on the field. Rudock-to-CJF got the crowd going. Four defensive snaps were as loud as it's going to get in Kinnick. Ray Hamilton tackled Anthony Hitchens. They checked that out on film and laughed the next day.

-- Caller notes that Iowa gets more notice in Omaha when the Hawkeyes win and Nebraska loses. There was a "Name the Program" column, comparing Iowa to Nebraska. Iowa has had a quality run. I know Nebraska has been to a Rose Bowl, but it's been a while. Anyway . . .

-- Question on the bus trips (??). Also about more injuries in the NFL: Dolph says college football is equal the NFL when it comes to exposure. (I would debate that.) Dolph did work with the Bears on the sideline for TV for 10 or so years. He brings up the size and speed. Again, he's right. These are massive athletes going at high speeds.

Talking NFL speed. Physics.

-- Mike from DBQ. First of all, croot question on Reggie Spearman, who was heading to Illinois. Mike also notes CJF was headed to Illinois. Iowa has lost some kids, too, Dolph notes.

Is Alvis out for the season: No, Dolph said. He said Alvis wants to be back this week, but the docs will probably say no. Mike Hardy is replacing Alvis. He's from Appleton and, yes, was offered by the Badgers.  Again, lower back deal for Alvis. Needs time to heal.

Dolph does attend some practice on Wednesday and probably did speak with Alvis.

-- Big Ten rules: If it's 200 miles or less, you bus. Iowa only buses to Northwestern, Wisconsin and Iowa State. I'm not sure that's a rule anymore. I think it's been lifted. I'll look it up. But those definitely are Iowa's only bus trips.

-- Talking Badger bigness on the OL. I think it averages out to nearly 6.6 321 pounds.

-- Melvin Gordon committed to Iowa and then decided to stay in his home state. Crootin is the best, isn't it?

-- Dolph compares WR Jared Abbrederis to Wes Welker. Abbrederis is a deep threat who is 6-2. Welker is 5-9 and averages 11.1 yards a catch. Abbrederis averages 17.49.

-- Jerry makes good comments. Applause for Ferentz.

-- Oof, KF sounds pretty rough tonight. You could tell Tuesday that he was starting to get a cold. I think he needs some peppermint tea.

-- 102,000 square feet in the indoor facility, BTW. You know all about the new buildings. That stuff has been on this blog a thousand times.

-- Jeff Tarpinian: They were showing the [building drawings] when I was in high school.

That's hilarious.

-- Imported wood floors in the weight room? Must be Oregon. "That's like wood floors in your garage. People change their oil in the garage," KF. That's comedy gold right there.

-- The newest new building (phase II, actually) will open in July.

-- Ed and Carol are at Carlos O'Kelly's celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They're from Swisher, not Shueyville. That's my neck of the woods!!!

-- KF: "We're eager to see how we matchup."

-- KF talking Gary Andersen: "Offense looks similar to what UW has done in past. They've done a good job taking what they've done in the past and adding a little."

On D: "Playing well. Changed to 3-4."

BTW, if Barry Alvarez OK'd the change to 3-4, you know he knew that it would have a great chance to work.

And it has.

-- Big week for James Morris. B1G POW and Lott Award. He leads Iowa with four sacks, seven TFL and three picks.

-- Jim from CF calls in and wants to know about first-year players. Any pleasant surprises? Second question, what position or area of team does KF think has improved the most?

KF: Pleased with all frosh. Mentions all of them (King, VandeBerg, Spearman and Daniels). Positions: The D-line. Doing a lot of good things defensively and starts with play up front. Figured LBs would be good. Guys up front have progressed. Will continue to improve.

-- Talk is on throat lozenges. Dolph talked about a lozenge from Belle Plaine.

-- Question on Kain Colter as an RB in the NFL. Caller likes Jordan Lynch (so do I).

KF: Colter will play somewhere in the NFL. Might end up being a Wes Welker-type. Lynch is outstanding, too.

-- Iowa and UW are plus-2 in turnovers. Turnovers gained good, turnovers given bad.

-- Dave from QC gives a shoutout to his brother who had emergency surgery. Bart is doing well. Quick question, gotta keep the Kinnick magic going, D assignment football, solid tackling. Question, finally, on the jet sweep.

KF: Gordon and White are out there for the jet sweep. If you cheat, they know the right response. If they get it rolling, it can be a long day. Have to be disciplined and take care of your assignment. Fly sweep vs. the inside run.

-- UW trick play worked in 1981. Iowa beat UW and it helped UI get to the Rose Bowl break through.

-- Jeff from Pochahontas compliments Dolph and Eddie. KF says his wife also loves Dolph and Eddie and she doesn't like many people.

What's the most important element to win vs. UW: KF says turnover ratio. You can't be charitable. You have to be prepared to play your best football. Anything less, tough to get the job done. Teams thinking right, practicing right get better as the year goes along.

Turnover margin. It's the thing.

-- Dolph talked to Andersen today. Andersen said he's always admired the Iowa program, even from all the way out in Utah.

-- KF talking about a question he got Tuesday about Iowa players having played Wisconsin. Well, Wisconsin players haven't played Iowa, either.

Kind of a funky question, I agree (not me, BTW).

Sounds like KF doesn't particularly enjoy Tuesdays. Stop doing the press conference. It's not like you work for a state institu . . . oh wait, you do.

-- Texter Sean wants to know about Desmond King. Did you know he would start and play or whatever?

KF: Some guys transition in nicely. Some guys look like they haven't played football before. King has handled everything really well, like he belongs. Been a great fit.

-- Dolph asked KF about Iowa's second half . . . declines, is that the best word? (Against FBS schools, Iowa averages 2.9 points in the fourth quarter. Yes, the best word is "declines.")

KF went into defensive mode here. He talked specifically about a story/post coming out of Ohio State and what happened in the second half.

"I watched the film and didn't see that [what was theorized] on film."

Maybe the big play in the first half, the 58-yarder from Braxton Miller to Corey Brown? Iowa was in a quarters coverage and bit on the fake? Pretty sure that's what happened. That's one play I wrote about. I did actually ask what coverage Iowa was in, so who knows.

So, hey, hockey is on somewhere.

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