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Gary Dolphin's crazy season is just about to start. He has football flying high and, very soon, basketball will be getting off the ground. He'll basically have to be in two places at once. I really don't know how he does it. I get worn out doing the little bit that I do.

Dolph points out Ohio State has 17 rush TDs, while Iowa has allowed zero. I think Ohio State has implanted a chip on its shoulder in regard to this matter.

Check this tweet from 11 Warriors, a website that covers the scarlet off the Bucks:

And here's another:

The chip on the shoulder has been implanted. The Buckeyes are 17-point faves, so chips tend to get implanted.

Dolph says all hurt guys are good to go. "On deck, on board." He mentioned WR Kevonte Martin-Manley, who is one I've wondered about. He was taken out and not even thought of for re-entry against Michigan State. Remember, Dolph sees practice on Wednesday (I'm pretty sure most Wednesdays).

-- Do you think Dolph does air guitar to the bump music? I do.

-- Craig from Sioux City: He's concerned about last year happening this year, specifically with the running game perhaps going into the tank. Statement question, a Bob Brooks move. I like it.

Dolph called Weisman "bulwark." Very well done, Dolph. That's a pretty great word. Dolph said Damon Bullock is healthy and so the running game is ahead of where it was last year, at least health-wise. Dolph says the TEs are hugely important. Called them an extension of the running game. I agree, but not just the TEs, all the WR and RBs needs to add to the quick passing game.

Groin pull for KMM, BTW, Dolph said. Still nursing, still good to go, though.

-- Tommy from Des Moines: Silence. He can't hear Dolph. Asks Dolph to speak up.

Tommy wants to know who's running the offense. Comment on Davis running the O, but hasn't seen any offense at all. All we've seen is KF's offense. Who is running the offense? Will Iowa win this weekend, all depends on Iowa being able to run the ball and Iowa passing the ball down the court.

Yes, Iowa must run and/or pass. It's an absolute.

Dolph anxious (might mean eager, common mistake) to see how Iowa attacks OSU.

-- The soft-talking Jim is on. He likes Iowa over Purdue, rest will be underdog time. Says Nebraska will be tough. Doubtful for OSU.

Your thoughts, Gary?

He liked Iowa to win seven games at the beginning of the year. I had six. My colleague and podcast pal Scott Dochterman called for seven wins.

Dolph likes Iowa's chances in all of its home games. Reminder, Iowa has lost four straight Big Ten games at home. Northwestern and Wisconsin are next. That has to end.

-- Mike in DBQ: Liked Michigan State (totally agree). Says Iowa wasn't prepped for MSU QB Connor Cook. Two-thirds offense went out in Mark Weisman and KMM. Injuries, injuries, injuries. Better football team than Iowa showed. Mike calls for 7-5.

Dolph talking about Sean Draper missed tackle on third down. It led to a TD. Fake punt led to a FG. Plus, Iowa only had 53 snaps (or 54, I can't remember). No pass rush doomed Iowa. Credit MSU OL. Veteran team and it showed.

It's a great series, but you know what? Iowa and MSU will meet in 2017 and then . . . not until at least 2020. So, that'll be one guaranteed in the next six seasons. Kind of foolish, but some eggs were going to be broken adding Rutgers and Maryland.

-- Here's this from a Twitter folk who, I'm assuming, works at UIHC:

-- 9-year-old Sarah wants to know if KF likes to dance.

Can't wait for this answer.

-- Prayers to Ed, who will have some surgery after a biopsy. God bless, sir. He makes comment about an improved Iowa team. I agree with that. How much? We'll see this weekend.

-- KF walks in and there is crowd noise. Break time!

-- Sounds like KF and Brian Ferentz were growly at practice today.

-- Loud at practice, Dolph mentions. Wants to know if it was Eminem.

-- KF on bye: Got stuff done last week. Productive. Worked out Sunday.

-- KF on injuries: It's hard when guys can't perform the way they want to and are able to.

He once again says everyone was back yesterday. Is anyone definitely out, Dolph asks? KF: I think we're good.

-- KF on Jordan Lomax: Been a long journey with the hamstring. Frustrating. No predictor. Good news is Jordan had a lot of work and handled it. Normal week of practice this week.

-- Stewart from Northwood-Kensett on the running game: MSU was a tough outing. After a day or two, yes, MSU is a tough defense. Trying to figure out way. Not a lot of answers. That's football. That's not fun. Learned something, but gives MSU an "awful lot of credit."

On OSU, "We're going there with the intention of winning. To do that, we've got to run the ball."

-- Question on how Hayden Fry is doing. Ed Podolak said he's doing well. KF talks with Hayden every once in a while. Says he's in good spirits, working old, new one-liners.

-- KF on OSU D: Veteran on O. Only weakness they have is not experienced on defense, but the video doesn't really show any youth. Trademark of OSU.

-- LB Ryan Shazier and CB Bradley Roby jumped out to Dolph.

-- Greg on the line, wants to know about blocked punts. Going after the punt more?: Iowa goes into every game with a block practiced. Second half of the 2003 Florida game Outback Bowl, scored a TD off a return. The biggest thing that's changed is the punt schemes that have evolved. First concern at this point is they punt it and catches it cleanly.

-- Dolph brings up punt return/coverage. The issue is the same side of field, he said. KF: It's not quite that simple. Busted the NIU call. Guy in motion. Defender ran with motion guy and that's what NIU wanted (it was BJ Lowery). It's a matter of how far you want to sell out or tip your hand. You have to be careful. Looking at it all the time.

Made the comment on never returning the punt. Says they may not return one, but they do plan on fielding punts.

OK, then.

-- Sarah's dance question.

"Not especially," KF said. Big country music fan, KF. Didn't see that one coming.

-- Question on MSU. Bullied by MSU in the second half, did you address that with OL, TE: "Not making alibis. It's not fun when it happens. See our guys in practice, see the film. Around team a lot. We have a quality group of guys. Probably not the right answer, but judge things as you go along. Setbacks are part of sports, life. I may eat these words in six weeks, but I don't think there's anything wrong. MSU took control in the second half. Great attitude, leadership from team."

-- Jeff in Pochahontas (home of Larry Bittner), his bro lives in Columbus. The bet is bro sings the Iowa fight song. Question on Rudock and managing the game. The one thing with OSU is the secondary can be suspect, specifically the zone. Pass to run: OSU is working on pass D. Couple breakdowns, missed assignments. Just inexperience. Going to try to test any way they can.

-- Weisman injury question: Looked like nothing has happened the last couple of days. Hoping he can go. (He can go.)

-- Dolph asking about RB Jordan Canzeri. Fact he's not getting on field more: "Matter of depth right now. Can only get the ball to so many people. Damon playing well. Not a knock on Jordan. Daniels hasn't played a lot, either, but feel the same way. Tough to rotate four RBs in. Backs do better with the more work they get."

-- Dolph on his TE theory: "That'd be OK with me, getting the ball to those guys," KF said. "Have to utilize everything we've got."

Mentions WR Tevaun Smith and his growth. (I think he's on the cusp.)

-- Dolph on incoming frosh WR: Got some size, speed and toughness in that group: "Something we tried to address. Talking to [recruiting coordinator/asst DL coach] Eric Johnson, I said if seems like we're developing a farm club. Great for them to get acclimated. Good potential. Fun to watch them grow."

Bear with me on the true frosh WRs redshirting. Off the top of my head: A.J. Jones (big dude), Derrick Mitchell (broadly built, kind of a KMM guy), Andre Harris (small and fast) and Derrick Willies (big and fast).

-- Text from Omaha. Feels lacking in secondary: "Coming into season had two experienced guys. Lowdermilk had never started a game. Not a lot of talk on him, he's done a really nice job. Corner position, King thrown in and has responded. References Antwan Allen and Jovon Johnson. Jordan adds depth. Trying to bring a long Sean Draper. Younger safeties: Gair is FS, Nico and Ruben Lile. Evolving daily."

-- Dick from Indianola or Waukee wanted to know why not get the fastest guy and make him a corner.

KF: It just doesn't always work. More goes into it. Micah Hyde wasn't fast. If he ran track in high school, it didn't make headlines. Look for guys who are good football players. Jovon Johnson probably wasn't big enough. A little more complex. It's not as easy as going out and picking out the obvious choices.

I would submit Torrey Campbell. He was a blazer, still on the UI track team. Was passed by a lot of true freshman before leaving football last winter.

-- Ed from Fort Dodge wants know how Iowa will shut down OSU.

KF: Goes down the list. All but one OL is a senior. Very good OL, WR, QB, RBs. "It feels like playing 12." RB they have is as good as Iowa has seen, KF said. (I'm assuming Hyde.) Maybe some blitzing and making sure all bases are covered. It's an explosive team.

-- Talking about the Ohio guys on the Iowa roster.

KF: Outside of just getting hammered for tickets, it is fun. Lowdermilk and Daniels had dads who played for OSU.

Talks about Anthony Hitchens' improvement. He is from Lorain, Ohio, BTW.

-- Text from Randall from DM on RBs getting to where they were: OSU is right there with MSU defensively if not more. Big guys up front who can rush the passer. Got to block well to get backs started.

Ohio State has won 18 straight games.

And that's it. Good night!

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