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Saturday is the "Black and Gold Spirit Game." This is where you guys do this:

-- OK, catching up.

Dolph said there are 1,700 tickets remaining for Saturday's game vs. Michigan State.

Also, another section designated for students has been opened to the general public. Student tickets are becoming bit of a deficit on a national level. I'm told at Iowa it averages to about $25 a game. Is that reasonable? As a parent of a couple kids on the college doorstep, I think I'd be OK with it, but I don't know.

-- One caller from Sioux City is going to have his knee reconstructed and will watch Saturday's game from his couch. I'm sorry, I didn't catch a name, but good luck, sir. I've done two scopes on the knee. It wasn't horrible, but the next one is going to be a metal knee. Don't want a metal knee.

The caller asked about a lot of Iowa's young receivers. On that subject, next week is actually a big deal for true frosh and players not seeing a lot of time. They'll see lots of time in developmental. I think there's a scrimmage or two. I might be wrong on that.

-- Dolph shoots down rumor that Carver-Hawkeye Arena is sold out for the entire men's basketball season. First I've heard that one and I hear a few rumors.

So, yes, basketball season tickets are still available.

-- KF knows the Henry Tippie story. He went to the UI on a GI Bill. The business school is now named after him. Those GI Bill guys, they know how to take advantage.

-- KF on why MSU No. 1 on D: They just play well. Very dominant group. Aggressive. Front is aggressive. Says MSU has upgraded in a few areas since last season (Calhoun for Gholston?).

-- KF on MSU LBs: Bullough seems like an eight-year starter. Allen is an improved player. KF once again praises secondary. Says they're very aggressive, physical.

-- On MSU QB Connor Cook: What we've seen he's emerged, become a leader. Did a good job at ND. "He's the guy they're camping with."

Big OL, no reason for MSU to change.

-- Why is series so close: Lots of parallels. Lots of amazingly close games. Turnovers and field position fueled the blowouts. If it's a clean game, it'll be close again. Turnovers are the wildcard.

-- KF on kick cover: Interestingly, we've had issues where you wonder how you're going to fix it. The two that went long last week have been filed under "correctable." Confirmed and feel good about cover after Sunday video session.

-- Justin 641 wants to know on Weisman: They monitor how much, very closely. Ball carriers are limited in practice. They don't put him through a ton of work during practice. Running backs take a lot of punishment. There are X amount of games, there are only so many hits they can take before they take a toll.

-- From North Liberty a Damond Powell question (51.5 yards a catch, has KF ever had a guy who's put up those numbers in the first five games): No.

Good vibe from Powell. Lots of energy. Doing well learning offense. Nothing on how they'll get him the ball. Then again, MSU is probably listening.

-- KF on Iowa rush D: Improving weekly. Big test this week. -- Any one thing? -- Carl advanced the D, play has caught up to him. Experience paying off for LTP. Ends are better, too. Team D stops the run. Minny likes to cutback and pop out of the backside of a play, but Iowa stayed home last week and kept gap integrity. It was never there.

-- Ed from Fort Dodge "Running Powell on a jet sweep": Not a bad thought, afraid he might get "broken in half." He's not the biggest guy. Want to make sure the foundation is strong so he can grow from there. It's not easy in Greg Davis' deal. Everyone is more comfortable in the system. It shows. Understanding helps the WR play faster.

-- On redshirt WRs switching positions and some such: Haven't looked at moving any, haven't looked "extensively." KF said Monday they'll sit down and evaluate potential changes. He said he doesn't see anything major.

-- Dolph asks about HKC and Kittle: HKC is a blocker; Kittle is stronger in the pass game.

-- On WR Matt VandeBerg "Meerkat": Getting better every week. Meerkat is his nickname. Good hands.

-- Tommy! He talks baseball. KF knew he was a Yankee fan. (Cubs fan here. Baseball is very, very dead to me.)

-- I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins.

-- KF said it's hard to monitor recruiting this time of year. Limited to phone call a week. He talked about needs, but didn't say what they were. I'll venture OT and CB.

-- Bubba from Primgar wants to know stuff. I'm not sure what his question was. Something special teams: "We're doing a lot of things new. Still going through some of the learning."

Mike Meyer won't catch Nate Kaeding in points or FGs. I ran the numbers on that. Not happening. KF really beamed on Meyer's 46-yarder in the second half. Said Meyer is extremely serious about his craft. KF couldn't remember if Tommy Nichol was a scholarship guy or not. I don't think he was. I don't think that was Hayden's way. (OK, I checked and it looks like he was on schollie. He's from Wisconsin and picked Iowa because there was a schollie, from what I gather from this.)

-- Guy with head injury asks question. Dial tone.

-- Something about winning. Or not winning enough. (Remember, Iowa is like .535 in its history.)

-- KF is talking about America and changing stuff and finding solutions.

-- Talking about Saban. We have hit the horse latitudes of this radio show.

-- "Humbled and now hungry."

So far, that's correct, as far as last season's 4-8 and this season's start go.

-- KF: I would be surprised if this team got knocked off their foundation.

-- Matt in Omaha wants to know about morale: "We just have good guys on our team."

-- Dolph brings up third downs: "One of the most positive things that's happened. Hot front, cold front meeting each other."

And we're out.

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