Popular Science Declares its Independence from Commentistan

Popular Science is shutting down online comments. Why? Because vitriol piled below an article skews the way readers perceive what's above. And that's Science:

Interesting. I'm sure nothing like that ever happens here. No sir.

I've toyed with the idea of ending comments here in favor of a format where readers could email their thoughts and I would share the best ones, the ones that actually address what I wrote. I'm not interested in weeding out criticism, just the pointless bickering and name-calling.

I also know that an email system may not be any better. For example, here's the only email I received on my Sunday column looking at research showing that our strong political views can get in the way of our critical thinking skills. It arrived with the subject line "Asshat."

So good luck, Popular Science. As for this site, comments remain welcome below. Toddy out.




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