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Hi, welcome to radio night.

-- UI radio play-by-play voice Gary Dolphin sounds rough tonight. Sounds like a sore throat. Hope he makes it to Saturday.

-- How about that Nebraska deal?

-- DT LTP was more like 245 when he started this project DT. He's up to 290 now. He played mostly DE/TE at Chicago's Lane Tech, but also played some wideout. I think he's been active early this year. No, not sack active, but I think we need to start considering just how difficult sacks have become to achieve. The ball gets out of a QB's hand so fast. Look for disruption.

This brings up the discussion Scott and I had today. It is time to for college football to dig into the QB hurry stat. Keep it. Log it. Take it seriously. Right now, it's listed, but it's kept inconsistently.

Hurries, you could argue, are pass breakups. They need to be recognized.

-- Dolph says QB Jake Rudock reminds him of Chuck Hartlieb. Or did he say Jim? I think he's a young Stanzi. Stanzi started out kind of thin and ended up being a 230-pounder. He also was boosted by Shonn Greene in his first year as a starter. I see Stanzi with maybe a little better arm. Go ahead and tell me I'm wrong.

-- Dolph likes Iowa's Big Ten schedule, which goes two weeks then idle week and four games and idle week and then the final two games. I agree. That does set up well, as far as rest for tired bodies go. Two idle weeks are happening because the season started in August, so there's an extra week between the start of the season and the end of November. That also happens next year.

-- Caller wonders about punter Connor Kornbrath. I thought he was pretty good against ISU, probably his best game. He's dropped 11 of his 18 punts inside the opponent's 20. You talk about unrealized stats, that's another one. This stat isn't tracked beyond individual schools.

-- Saturday's game is 11 a.m. on BTN, BTW.

-- Bubba from Primgar calls in. Sounds like a good dude.

He asked about special teams, whether or not Iowa was set up for the onside kick. Iowa was ready with the hands team out there.

Bubba interrupted KF, but he sounded like a nice guy and he drives 295 miles for every home game. That is dedication. Well done, Bubba.

On the onside, the second one was easier to handle. ISU did a little different thing bringing the bodies to the ball on the first onside.

-- Mel from IC suggests that Dolph take down some hot toddies for his voice.

He also asked about LeShun Daniels. Things were going well with Weisman, they didn't want to disrupt the rhythm. There's a lot of football left, plenty of carries for everyone.

KF says RB Jordan Canzeri has a "little something to him."

-- KF on RB Barkley Hill: "He's doing a lot of good things. Impressed in practice Sunday and yesterday. He missed spring and had leg issues in camp, which opened the door for Daniels. Hill has a good future."

So, no Daniels, maybe, if Hill was healthy during camp.

-- KF is asked about OL. They look for aggressive hard workers who are athletic. Competitive, proud guys. Anchored by vets in the tackles. An aside, I remember very early in the KF era, when his hair was dark and mine was still here, he talked about wanting OLs to be strong and stout in the lower body.

-- KF mentions the fullbacks. They were pretty good vs. ISU.

-- Question on Rudock and the zone read. He doesn't keep it. So . . . it's more of a look than a called play. You want an RB running rather than Rudock.

-- KF also asked about Cedar Falls' OL Ross Pierschbacher. Because of NCAA rules, he's not allowed to address the question.

Ship has sailed.

-- KF asked about fake punts . . . again. This is what happens when things go wrong on special teams.

-- Another fan from Sheldon who drives 325 miles!!!!!


-- Question on Nico Law: Improving, working hard. A backup. Doing a good job.

Dolph really likes SS John Lowdermilk's play right now. KF said he improves every time out.

-- Locker room break-in mention.

Blame laid at doorsteps, Dolph said. No good people. Calls for reserved judgment. KF said everyone was great about it. Mentions ISU AD Jamie Pollard, first class about it. It's just one of those things.

-- KF talking about the Pelini deal. Talking about Pelini's nature. "Everybody is who they should be."

-- Three comments coming: 1) Special teams, what's the deal? 2) Reason didn't go for 2 in the fourth quarter last weekend? "We didn't feel like it was necessary." 3) Overusing Weisman, how do you offset that? Balance that? "I'm not sure I know the answer. . . . I don't know if we have a chart for that. Try to be as smart as we can. Seems like we've been able to navigate. If we've got a guy who can run the ball, we're going to run him." They do chart carries. Says they won't put anybody at risk.

I think we'll all find out about Weisman's limits sooner or later.

The going for 2 didn't strike me as a mistake at the time, but, I admit, I was neck deep in deadline.

-- KF asked about punting again. The last punt KF just wanted to get out. Thought Kornbrath had his best game, one punt under standard.

-- KF on recruiting: Really wants an early signing period. Would that have made a difference with Ross P? I don't think he ever really shut the door.

I'm with him on early signing period. KF says there are a conference or two that is not in favor of an early signing period. THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT THE SEC, YOU GUYS.

-- Caller asks about officials and rating them. KF has to be careful, of course. Pac-12 is shaky, not his words. Obviously, the Pac-12 is shaky.

-- On Lomax: Still working through hamstring. Close, not over the hump. Maurice Fleming is back. Lomax has practiced some this week.

-- WMU has two excellent corners.

-- Have to have proper leverage and you have to funnel WR and tackle WR. There is pressure to get a WR down when he catches the ball. KF is a little tired of the fake punt question.

-- Eddie Phillips is the honorary captain this week. Sorry, I wasn't fully engaged earlier. It's been a long day and I've got to write the 2-minute thingie now.

That's it. Have a good night.

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