Ferentz radio show -- Fumigating hog barns

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It starts with UI radio play-by-play voice Gary Dolphin talking Missouri State (I can't believe I haven't called it Southwest Missouri State, which is how I remember it).

-- Dolph talked about MSU coach Terry Allen.

I enjoy the commenters on this blog (no, seriously). You guys are restless and I can't blame you. Commenter Sue-Don Immer left this post on Terry Allen earlier this week:

Football is such tough business. Terryís career trajectory is cautionary. Someone like Farley would be crazy to leave UNI unless he were offered a job that, even in failure, would set him up financially for life. I hope the KU gig got Terry most of the way there.

Missouri State, as you note with the $2.3mm total spend figure, and the salary figure for their HC which is less than what a rural high school principal makes, does not support their football program. (NDSU pays their HC 2x what Allen makes.) Whatís Allenís budget for assistant coaches? These guys are going to cram themselves into buses for 6 hours and come to Iowa City and collect their check, and Iím embarrassed for Iowa and sad for their coach, whose father coached Iowa swimming.

To be honest, Iím of two minds about even watching the game. [Terry was my QB at Central Junior High (which was located where the Mercy Hospital parking ramp is) on the B team (small guys). I first met saw him in sixth grade flag football, when Danny Cilek was launching bombs to a little red-haired guy. And now he gets to come home and walk onto the Kinnick turf, every Iowa City boy's dream. For a body-bag game on behalf of a program that will no doubt double their coaches salary budget with the new staff next year. Uggh.]

Appreciate that perspective.

Allen hasn't been afraid to take very difficult jobs. He coached at Kansas and is now at MSU, which is a basketball school more than it's anything.

Notice, you see Mark Farley and Ben Jacobson, for that matter, staying in Cedar Falls.

-- Just as Kirk Ferentz said on Tuesday, true freshman running back LeShun Daniels is in the plans, Dolph said. Dolph called him a "boxcar running down hill," "a load and a " mail carrier."

Let's go with rugged.

Dolph believes Daniels will spell Weisman.

-- Tommy: He wants to know who has final say on playcalls.

KF: Coordinators call the play. Sometimes, he vetoes, but let's it go with the flow of the game. (He'll talk between series and sometimes during. This has always been the answer to this question.)

-- KF liked all the playcalls that went wrong. The final pick? Bad ball placement. "That's football."

Second-guessing not appropriate, he said.

-- First pick cause of pressure. Mostly KF was good with OL. Talked up C Austin Blythe. I thought he played well, too. Moved really well in space.

On the first pick, "To me, it's a protection thing, not a quarterback thing."

-- Rumor on HR.com board that a poster is going to confront KF at Carlos O'Kelly's tonight.

Do not recommend. Sheriff Ron Hughes is a bad man (actually, he's one of my favorite people in the program).

-- Why The Swarm was held? The official thought NIU was going to come out first. Out of the tunnel. They didn't. Miscommunication.

-- OT Brandon Scherff -- "He's fine." That was a cramp Saturday.

-- Hurry up: "If you're not making first downs, you're hurrying up and getting off the field."

KF is right. The hurry-up has to match-up with the defense.

-- Twitter Tommy checks in: TOMMY AINT NEVER CRIED ON NO HAWK TALK

-- The Hawkeyes stay at the Kirkwood place in CR. I've never been there. Is it good?

They snack at 9:30 on Friday night. Breakfast at 7.

-- Sorry, I had an interview. What did I miss?

-- Ferentz won't compare Jake Rudock to Chuck Long. I respect that judgment call.

Keith from CR kind of rambled, but terrific memory.

-- DT Carl Davis played more than 60 plays, a high for him.

Great note from Dolph. Endurance has always been a thing with Davis (a lot of fun to talk to, BTW). He invested in his body and it's starting to pay off.

-- DE Drew Ott came up. I thought he was very active.

-- KF: "We like LeShun an awful lot. He and Jordan Canzeri will play a lot. Having four guys ready to play is important."

-- Caller is a teacher/coach whose summer job is fumigating hog barns. Whoa . . . daddy. A.J. (I think was his name) will be in a sow barn in Wayland listening to the game Saturday.

Only in Iowa. Love our state.

-- 3-4 defense against Iowa this week (Sconnie has one, too).

Three big guys instead of four. Four LBs. Conventional 3-4 with guards uncovered. OLBs left and right, never sure which one is rushing or dropping. Have to be careful with RB-LB matchup off edge.

"Great mental exercise," KF said.

-- Dolph just said "Schaffitzel" on the radio. (MSU SS Caleb Shaffitzel, I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong, but I'm trying to type.)

-- KF compliments UNI. Refers to back-to-back blocked FGs in '09 at Kinnick.

Eight FCS teams won. MSU is FCS.

-- There's the music, the show is ending.

-- Dolph reminds KF that he's been stuck on 100 wins for way too long.

Leave them laughing.

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