Iowa corn, soybean production expected to top 2012

Corn production is forecast to be up in all nine Iowa districts

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Lush green soybeans soak up rain Friday in a Buchanan County field. Corn and soybeans planted after heavy June rains this year are a cause of concern to Eastern Iowa farmers, who worry that they will be killed by frost before they reach maturity. (Orlan Love/The Gazette)

Iowa's corn and soybean farmers are expected to produce crops larger than they did in 2012 with higher yields in many parts of the state, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Iowa’s corn production is forecast at 2.2 billion bushels, 17 percent above the 1.88 billion bushels recorded in 2012. Iowa’s corn crop is forecast to yield 163 bushels per acre, up from 137 bushels per acre last year.

Corn production is forecast to be up in all nine Iowa districts, while acres harvested projected to be lower.

East central Iowa farmers are expected to produce 249.1 million bushels, up from 190.8 million bushels in 2012. The same farmers are forecast to harvest 1.4 million acres of corn, down from 1.42 million acres in 2012.

Average yield is projected at 178 bushels per acre, up sharply from 134.7 bushels per acre last year.

Soybean production statewide is forecast at 434 million bushels, up from 414 million bushels last year. Iowa farmers planted 9.5 million acres of soybeans and plan to harvest 9.43 million acres.

The average soybean yield is forecast at 46 bushels per acre, up from 44.5 bushels per acre in 2012.

Soybean production is forecast to be higher than 2012 in six districts, but down in the Northwest, North Central, and Central districts. Forecast yields ranged from a decrease of 6 percent in north central Iowa to an increase of 16 percent in the southwest district.

All the crop forecasts based on conditions as of Aug. 1 and do not reflect weather conditions since that time. The next district corn and soybean production forecasts, reflecting conditions on Sept. 1, will be released on Sept. 12.

The USDA on Monday forecast national corn production of 13.76 billion bushels, down from 13.95 billion bushels forecast in July. The first survey-based corn yield forecast was reduced to 154.4 bushels per acre from $156.5 bushels per acre in July.

The USDA also reduced its national soybean forecast to 3.255 million bushels, down from a prior estimate of 3.42 billion. The agency lowered the projected soybean yield to 42.6 bushels an acre from 44.5 bushels per acre in July.

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