Horse Latitudes #4 - Who's going to play QB?

Michigan-Virginia Tech hook up; 'Wrecking shop' at Texas Tech

The Iowa QBs walk down the stairs at Kinnick Stadium before the Hawkeyes' April 27 scrimmage. (Brian Ray/The Gazette-KCRG)
The Iowa QBs walk down the stairs at Kinnick Stadium before the Hawkeyes' April 27 scrimmage. (Brian Ray/The Gazette-KCRG)

I feel a little like ESPN going right to Tebow, Jason Collins, Lebron and Tiger with this topic, but hey, this is what everyone wants to know going into the 2013 season.

So, Iowa quarterback. Where is that going? What have we seen? What do we know? What do we think we know?

I get grief for the numbers from the spring scrimmages. I'm not claiming they mean anything. If I were to gauge it, I would say the Iowa City scrimmage had the points element to it to give QBs something to shoot for. A tangible measure of their effectiveness. And not just for QBs, but for offensive coordinator Greg Davis and head coach Kirk Ferentz.

So, take the numbers for what they're worth. Some of you have preconceived notions of these guys. Why is Cody Sokol more athletic than Jake Rudock? We've seen them twice in scrimmage situations, not live. Sokol showed quicker feet. Rudock saw the field much better. That said, here are the collective numbers for the QBs from the spring scrimmages:

Jake Rudock

Des Moines --  15 of 20 for 171 yards and three TDs

Iowa City --  18 of 29 for 174 yards

Totals -- 33 of 49 for 345 yards, 3 TDs

Cody Sokol

Des Moines -- 4 of 13 for 60 yards

Iowa City -- 13 of 18 for 183 TD

Totals -- 17 of 33 for 243 yards, TD

C.J. Beathard

Des Moines -- 6 of 15 for 44 yards

Iowa City -- 10 of 20 for 110 yards and TD

Totals -- 16 of 35 for 154 yards, TD

That's at the very least a snapshot of what we've seen. I re-watched the Iowa scrimmage on BTN. Sokol's 23-yard completion to WR Blake Haluska that set up a TD was a beautiful ball. He put it where the 6-4 Haluska could make a play over 5-10 Jordan Lomax. He also threw a prayer late over the middle that was nearly picked off.

Rudock missed out on a TD pass with WR Kevonte Martin-Manley open on a drag route in the end zone. But he brought the ball down and gave safety John Lowdermilk a second to recover and make the play.

Beathard left a few throws short, but he's not as far behind as I thought when I watched live.

Smatterings of knowledge: Sokol has a stronger connection to the team and the chemistry is there. Sokol is shaky in making calls at the line. Rudock doesn't make mistakes.

See you next week (maybe) on "Quarterback Island."

Big Ten Linking


-- Oh my, it's a long time off. I'll be 53 and have two kids in their 20s when Michigan and Virginia Tech hook up for a home-and-home in 2020 and 2021.

The ante is quickly rising for serious Big Ten teams and non-conference schedules. Wisconsin is still in talks to play LSU in Houston in 2014 ("We haven't signed contract yet. I don't know," UW AD Barry Alvarez said.). The Badgers have already added Alabama. It was announced earlier this week that Minnesota dropped South Dakota State and picked up TCU (there were financial considerations that made this favorable after UM paid $800,000 to get out of a home-and-home with North Carolina).

Iowa athletics director Gary Barta will be on ESPN's College Football Live today to discuss keeping FCS schools on Iowa's schedule.

College football is complex. There are a ton of moving parts. But it seems if you really want to get something done, you can get it done.

National thinking

-- I have a son who enjoys video games. I used to, but they've just outrun me. The boy plays a lot of that Mine Craft, which is cool with me because it's a building/imagination game and not crazy violence. He has those games, too, and we do play some NCAA and NHL, which usually ends up with me feeling violent (he wins).

Kids and video games, what are you going to do? Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury embraces it and speaks the language.

In this Y! Sports post, there's a note posted in the Tech complex that has Kingsbury urging his players to stay active and not sit around and play "COD/2K13/Madden" and that beating 12-year-olds online isn't physical "even if you claim to 'wreck shop.'"

Wreck shop, I'm assuming that means some sort of video game domination. I don't know. It might actually mean wreck shop.

Take it easy on me. I just figured out Vine this week.



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