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Welcome to the Chappelle Show, starring Iowa RB Damon Bullock

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If you're totally down with social media, you're into Vine. If you're a nibbler, such as myself, you might be familiar with Vine.

I've heard about it, but haven't signed up. I think I'm kind of social media'd out. For the sake of explanation, Vine is a Twitter invention that allows you to shoot six-second videos and post them.

It's micro-video and postable to Twitter and Facebook. It also might speak to our ever-shrinking attention spans, but . . . What was I saying? (I'm as guilty as anyone. Tectonic plates square dance in the time it takes for me to read a book.)

I started hearing about Iowa RB Damon Bullock's amazing Vine account over the weekend. I think my buddy Hawkaholic5 shipped one over on the Twitter account I have where I can say F-words and talk brilliant electronic trash about the Vancouver Canucks. (On the tee . . .)

Black Heart Gold Pants covered the ground today in this post. Here is a link to the artist's oeuvre. Bullock's writing partner is sophomore cornerback Jordan Lomax.

Slow golf claps rising into real belly laughs. How a guy works three cuts into a six-second video is impressive. The writing, it's sharp. The "Y'all Know How it is" is some Chappelle Show-grade material. "CornerHustlas" is a playful. "How to say she ain't bad" has a very subtle visual punchline.

OK, I referenced Chappelle Show, so you know it's adult material. I would go PG-13, not R and definitely not NC-17 (remember that rating, do they still have it?).

Maybe in any other college football program in the country, this is an amusement. At Iowa, it's like "uh oh, what's Ferentz going to say?" And, watch, some nerdbot reporter will ask Ferentz, who then will have someone explain to him what Vine is. It'll trickle into the headlines (hey, I'm already writing about it) and Bullock's Vines will go away.

Or maybe not. Ferentz let's these guys Facebook to their hearts content. As long as everything is in good taste and all that.

Twitter is the beast that shall remain chained in the basement. When asked, Ferentz always says it's because he doesn't want something out there that will unravel a kid's future employment prospects. I think it's really because Twitter has an element of emotion to it. You get angry, you post. Vine takes time to shoot/edit and, in Bullock's case, script. Facebook usually carries a visual element. Twitter is just type and post and watch your words take on a life of all their own.

Kid isn't playing enough. Tweet. Coaches make a promise. Kid feels that is broken. Tweet. Fan doesn't like a kid's effort or play or whatever. Tweet. That gets to the kid. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet pic practice. Tweet "Flea flicker on the first play."

I see the logic. I don't agree with it. These guys know who and what they represent. There are no ingenues. They all know where the line is. Maybe Vine will remain in the safe zone. Kids are kids and not wards of the state. If you try to control everything, it'll drive you crazy. Easy for me to say, of course. I'm in charge of two kids, and "charge" is debatable most days.

I've always found Bullock to be an interesting interview. He's frank, honest and funny. I hope that doesn't get muted or go away completely. But yeah, how much time does he spend on this stuff?

Big Ten Linking

-- You're an Iowa fan, and so you likely won't take kindly to praise for an Ohio State website, but I'm going to go ahead and do that anyway.

I follow 11 Warriors on Twitter (@11W) and thoroughly enjoy the give-and-take that account has with SEC fans. 11W takes the fight to the SEC people even though OSU is 0-9 against the SEC in bowls. Damn the torpedoes, this is Urbanization.

Anyway, 11 Warriors has a post today that examines the fact that, yes, the Big Ten East will be the dog fight, but the survivor should have strength of schedule cornered going into the College Football Playoff. In the first few years of this latest (probably not last) B1G configuration, the heavies will play the heavies more often.

And, oh yeah, 11W writer Kyle Rowland points out, this also leads nicely into the Big Ten's next TV negotiations in 2016. The conference also will have cable deals locked down in some of the nation's largest markets New York City/New Jersey and Baltimore/Washington D.C.

This is why Jim Delany sits on the Iron Throne.

The National Daily

-- The University of Iowa sucks at social media, huh? Well, this post from Auburn begs to differ.

Yes, Ferentz isn't a Twitter guy, but the UI is. It's ranked eighth in the nation with 51,145 followers. Iowa isn't bad in Facebook, either, ranking No. 12 with more than 408,000 "likes." (We at "On Iowa" have just less than 1,400. Quality, not quantity.)

Iowa doesn't crack the top 25 on YouTube, which I find kind of weird. I think Iowa does video pretty well. Oregon is the No. 1 YouTube school. The Ducks must throw a lot of cheerleader shots in there. Or maybe the anticipation for their crazy uniform combos drives traffic. I have 150 YouTube subscribers. I'm wearing a yellow shirt today, but I'm not a cheerleader.

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