The notion of archaic luddites

Brian Ferentz: Twitter, alternate uniforms not his dad's personality

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IOWA CITY -- If you think Brian Ferentz is running around the Iowa football complex helping the Hawkeyes' elder coaches with their iWhatevers, working the DirecTV remotes and championing the latest fashion craze in uniforms, don't.

Ferentz, who turned 30 last month, doesn't particularly enjoy the perception that his dad, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz, and the Iowa program are behind the times.

"I do bristle at the notion that we're archaic or that our head coach is -- I want to make sure I pronounce this right -- is it luddite?" the Iowa offensive line coach said Wednesday. "Is that the correct pronunciation? Because he's not. He's got an iPhone and he's got an iPad."

"Luddite" refers to 19th century English workmen who destroyed labor-saving machinery as a protest. There is not a coach on the planet who would tamper with any labor- or time-saving technology.

Social media is a reality in college football recruiting. No, Kirk Ferentz is not a devotee, and shows a special disdain for Twitter. Iowa does, however, have several coaches on Twitter, including Brian Ferentz.

"I think that's unique to every person," Brian Ferentz said. "I really think if you saw our head coach on Twitter or doing those kinds of things, those aren't in his personality. That's not natural to him."

Defensive line coach Reese Morgan, 62, isn't on Twitter, either. That hasn't slowed the effectiveness of his recruiting.

"People know if you care about them," Morgan said. "I think we take great pride in developing relationships with our coaches and our parents through the recruiting process. And then there's a certain comfort level or a trust that comes in there."

If you can put a picture on Twitter, then Instagram . . .

"So why do you need Instagram?" Brian Ferentz joked. "Maybe I'm my father's son sometimes. It's changing so fast that we're trying to stay out there with it, but shoot, it's hard. We can barely keep up with our players sometimes."

Every college football coach in the country knows social media is the language of the day. Kirk Ferentz isn't on Twitter, but Iowa football is.

"That's where these guys communicate with each other," Brian Ferentz said. "So, yeah, it does make a difference. You have to do it or else you won't be able to talk to them, because they certainly don't like talking on the phone. That's changed a lot, a ton."

Alternate uniforms? Never say never, but you probably know the answer. Think of Nike Pro Combat uniforms as Twitter on a helmet at Iowa.

"Alternate uniforms, that's not really in his [Kirk Ferentz's] personality, either," Brian Ferentz said. "I've seen his closet. And I can say that because I'm his son. I think what we learn is those things have no bearing on winning and losing -- what you wear, what you don't


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