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Editor’s note: Adam Rees is founder of GRIT GYM, a gym based on results, creating a culture and lifestyle of performance, strength, health and freedom to live life on your own terms. Rees attended Wartburg, worked under nationally recognized strength coach Matt McGettigan at ISU and is generally a glutton for information and improvement in all forms.

By Adam Rees, community contributor

Everyone sits somewhere between your ultimate strength and weakest or between the furthest degrees of stiffness and mobility.

It’s categorizing people to learn where we need to be and what means of exercise we should lean toward in order to promote the best athlete — strong, efficient, fast, durable — or the one we can be. Everyone has an inner athlete, age and ability level are irrelevant.

Everyone should be reaching toward the middle and doing more of the same won’t help. You have to do what is opposing and usually what does not come natural. We must practice what we are not good at performing.

Naturally mobile/flexible people tend to enjoy yoga because they are good at it and will end up doing more and more of it. People with a certain amount of “natural strength” (I use this loosely because it doesn’t exist) will gravitate toward lifting because they’re good at it.

The strength people typically are more stiff and could use the mobility, relaxation and breathing patterns of yoga. Even more important, the yoga person likely needs the addition of strength.

The desk jockey needs to do something to get off their butt. The “genetic freak” just happens to luck out, unless they are too mobile. I happen to be one of the too mobile/strong/freak area and it can raise a whole host of issues that I’ll get into later.

Until then, do what goes against your nature or comfort zone. That’s where the magic is.

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