Enough is enough

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By Darran J. Whiting


I had the opportunity to listen to President Obama speak last week on the subject of gun control. He called upon various people, including pastors, to speak up and say “enough is enough.” Since the president called for me to do so, I am going to do what he has asked.

Enough is enough. It is time for all patriotic Americans to write to their representatives and tell them to tell President Obama that they are going to reject his unconstitutional proposals. They need to tell him that the 2nd Amendment does not exist to protect hunters and gun collectors. It exists to protect private citizens not only from criminals, but from an oppressive government.

The representatives in Congress need to tell the president that if he is so concerned about the lives of innocent children, then he should outlaw abortion. Last year, approximately 1.2 million babies were aborted in this country, of which anywhere from 500 to 5,000 would be considered “partial-birth” abortions (the difference being based upon how “partial birth” is defined).

Unfortunately, the president has already gone on record as saying that he would support the aborting of his own grandchildren if they were conceived as a result of rape. So if he doesn’t care about his own grandchildren, I doubt that he would care about anyone else’s kids.

Our representatives need to tell the president that in 2010, 127 children under the age of 11 were killed by firearms. However, the same year, 211 children under the age of 14 were killed by drunk drivers. Perhaps if the president were concerned about children he would ban alcohol.

Almost every mass shooting in recent history has taken place in a “gun free” zone, which has allowed the killers to do their deeds without fear of being shot themselves. Perhaps if the president really cared about children, and adults, he would stop banning weapons in public places, and start encouraging law-abiding citizens to carry weapons and use them to protect themselves and others.

Enough is enough. And the 2nd Amendment is not the only issue.

It is time for people who claim to be Christians to start voting like Christians. Stop voting for politicians and a political party who question the existence of God, who stand for abortion, sodomite marriage, death panels, and confiscating funds from those who do work and giving them to people who don’t, and who stand against Israel, against the rights of Bible-believing churches to speak out for the Truths of the Scriptures, and against the rights of parents to raise their own children according to the dictates of their religious beliefs. Enough of the assaults on our Constitution.

More important, however, enough is enough for those who sit back as angry as I am but do and say nothing about it!

Darran J. Whiting, the pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Marion since starting the church in 1996, submitted this column as an individual viewpoint. Comments: Mail to him at1105 West 14th Ave, Marion, IA 52302.

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