Obama wasting money on flights

Are you surprised to see President Obama spending your money at a record rate? If you pay attention to his daily activities, you shouldn’t be.

According to the U.S. Air Force, in 2010 it cost $181,757 per flight hour for Air Force One. The estimated cost to fly Obama, his wife, two daughters and a dog to Hawaii for their vacation is $3,639,622. That is OK, but to fly him back to D.C. for a political stunt to show us how involved he was in the fiscal cliff fiasco was another $3.6 million. After his show (charade?), another $3.6 million to get him back to Hawaii to finish his vacation.

I keep hearing that the White House travels with him, so why the extra $7.2 million to sign a bill that only adds another gazillion dollars to our debt anyway? Recently, Obama flew Air Force One to Williamsburg from D.C. Folks, that is a wide-bodied jet capable of extended flights to almost anywhere on earth. Couldn’t he have taken one of his Marine helos that picks him up from the White House lawn for a trip of around 100 miles?

In any event, he is spending our money like there is no tomorrow. There is, and we better start holding him and his gang accountable for their excesses.

Gary Rees



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