Arming teachers won't stop gunmen

The Gazette has printed several letters from people who believe that giving a teacher or principal a gun will deter shooters like the ones at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech.

The gunmen in all of these shootings took their own lives, so they werenít afraid of being shot. In fact, that apparently was their plan. So why would someone with a gun deter them?

Itís like dealing with suicide bombers. How do you defend yourself against someone not afraid to die? Take away his firepower. Crazy or sane, legal or illegal, if he doesnít have the weapon or ammo, he canít commit the slaughter.

During the Tucson shooting that injured Gabby Giffords, several people in the crowd revealed afterward that they were carrying guns. But before any of them could un-holster their weapons and figure out who was shooting who amid the chaos, Jared Loughner had killed six people and injured 13. Only when Loughner paused to reload was someone able to tackle him and stop the carnage (which supports the case for outlawing large magazines).

This isnít a video game where you sit safely on your sofa and blast away at the bad guy.

Sheri Albrecht



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