Decades of permanent war and empire have bankrupted us

The corporate media (Fox, CNN, New York Times, talk radio comedians, this paper — they all serve the same masters) have been all abuzz about the so-called fiscal cliff. Predictably, knowing their audience has been trained to think in simplistic black and white terms, they have busied themselves distracting the public with yet another “Dems Versus the Repubs” theater production. Sticking to script? Yes. Honest? Hardly, because they’ve purposefully failed to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

It’s politically incorrect to utter, but our current situation is largely the result of the corporate state’s penchant for militarism and its unchecked, taxpayer-provided profits. Decades and decades of permanent war and empire, and the corporate subsidies that they were designed to provide, have bankrupted us. However, both sides of the make-believe two-party system feed at the military-industrial-complex’s trough and have created this monster and its accompanying debt, so nothing will change. That is, until we go the way of those empires of yore, who paid for their arrogance and overstretch by crumbling.

Steve Hosch



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