Ferentz radio -- Mushroom cloud

Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz talks with Penn State Nittany Lions head coach Bill O'Brien before their college football game Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. (Brian Ray/The Gazette-KCRG)
Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz talks with Penn State Nittany Lions head coach Bill O'Brien before their college football game Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. (Brian Ray/The Gazette-KCRG)

Caller 1: Knows Iowa won't buyout Kirk Ferentz. Calls for him to resign.

Caller 2: Wants to know why No. 2 QB Jake Rudock didn't go into the game in the fourth quarter. Very disappointed.

And we're off. Gary Dolphin takes it all in stride. Wouldn't be shocked if Ferentz heard the first calls and turned around the Suburban.

Dolph says lots of RB Mark Weisman and RB Damon Bullock, who seems to be making a nice rebound from the recurrence of concussion symptoms he suffered in the run-up to Michigan State.

Caller 3: Why does Penn State look like the Patriots with an entirely new offense? (My answer would be decent recruits from old staff, better coaching from new staff.)

TOMMY! Why isn't Quinton Alston playing? KF: James Morris.

KF on Rudock: Best thing for football team, in his opinion, was to play the starters.

Dolph asks KF about tape: Feeling-wise, felt like the Arizona State game in '04. "We did not play well. . . . They played as well as I've seen them play. . . . We never got started in anything."

Marilyn from CR: Didn't like the boos. Biggest recruiting weekend, what kind of impact for recruits to hear that? Makes it doubly sad for me. Admires KF's strength. Glad assistants don't talk to media (sad face, Marilyn).

KF: I didn't hear the booing. Did hear some cheering at the end. People stayed. Our fans are unparalleled. There's going to be some booing. I trust the recruits understand that. We haven't had too many games like that at Kinnick. Small group regrettable words for Penn State. You have to admire what they [Penn State] is doing.

Mike from Bettendorf: How do you watch football on TV? (I like this question.)

For KF: It depends on what I'm watching, for former Iowa players or entertainment. He starts with line play. Shows a lot of how a game might go.

Caller: Why short passes? KF: Place for that to get guys off your back. If you watch football, interesting how many passes go down field.

Caller: I don't mean to be too critical . . . not fast, athletic, no pass rush, no blitz, not good QB, no innovative offense . . . Don't seem to be getting better. Not good at recruiting. Not good WR. Future doesn't look bright.

KF: Hope you have a better day tomorrow. You look at it differently than we do. I hope we can put a smile on your face in weeks and years.

Dolph brings up NFL draftees. KF adds that he's proud of the players, but they got whupped and no one is making excuses.

Caller: Attrition. Critical to keep kids, problems the last few years (actually, it's slowed).

KF: Lots of reasons on that front. RB multitude of things. Academics, conduct. Try to be thorough in recruiting. Nothing fool-proof. Underclass recruiting, don't know the prospects as well as ones you recruited through senior year.

Caller: Who's QB coach? Vandenberg form is horrible?I sure hope the Cleveland Browns are buzzing your phone, because it's time for you to go.

Mushroom cloud.

KF: Comes with territory. Comes when you lose.

Wow. I've been listening to this show for 14 years. I've never heard that kind of cowardly disrespect. Sports aren't for everyone. Just wow.


Stephanie: She was a gymnast in the '80s at Iowa. She's glad her performance wasn't responsible for the morale of the state, Iowa City and UI. Glad when she fell that she didn't get booed. Really broke my heart hearing the calls, she said.

She actually stopped her car and drove into Carlo O'Kelly's to get on the mic and let her feelings be known. Impressive. KF said he would buy her family dinner.

BTW, KF did say he's hopeful for Weisman and Bullock. Nothing definitive.

That's it for this week. Tune in next week for what I'm sure will be Gary Dolphin reading the Cascade phonebook.



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