House Speaker John Boehner rallies Republicans in Coralville

He says Obama has 'no vision' for improving the economy

Republican candidate John Archer shakes hands with House Speaker John Boehner before Boehner's speech at the Coralville Victory Office on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. (Kyle Grillot/The Gazette-KCRG)
Republican candidate John Archer shakes hands with House Speaker John Boehner before Boehner's speech at the Coralville Victory Office on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. (Kyle Grillot/The Gazette-KCRG)

CORALVILLE — Republican leaders praised GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s debate performance and pushed continued mobilization efforts Wednesday during a visit byHouse Speaker John Boehner to the Coralville Victory office.

During a roughly five minute speech to volunteers and supporters, just 20 days ahead of the election, Boehner said President Barack Obama failed to adequately address how he would improve the country’s unemployment rate during the last two presidential debates.

“Governor Romney keeps bringing the issue back to the economy and outlining his plan to improve the economy,” Boehner said. “Where was the President’s vision for improving our economy? There was no vision. He didn’t say one word last night about what he would do to get the working people back to work other than we’re going to tax small business owners.”

Though Boehner didn’t mention any of Romney’s specific policy proposals, he added that he felt Romney had a plan to put Americans back to work, improve the economy, and solve the nation’s debt crisis. He also encouraged volunteers to keep knocking on doors and making calls to ensure people get out to vote on, and before, Election Day.

John Archer, the Republican challenger to U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack in Iowa’s 2nd District, said he felt Romney was better-equipped to handle the country’s economic problems because of his experience in the private sector.

“The number one issue that faces this country is jobs and the economy,” Archer said. “And I was very impressed that, every time the debate turned to those issues, it was clear to me and I think it was clear to all the listeners and watchers that Gov. Romney really excelled.”

During Tuesday night’s debate, Obama said he would work to create jobs by building more manufacturing jobs in the United States, making student loans available to those who choose to seek higher education, investing in solar, wind, and biofuels, and reducing the deficit by asking the wealthy to pay more and making cuts, according to the debate transcript.


Romney referenced his five-point jobs plan, which he said included becoming an energy source by drilling for oil in North America, adding more free trade agreements, balancing the budget, keeping taxes down for small businesses, and repealing ObamaCare, the transcript said.

Elizabeth Purchia, Obama’s Iowa Press Secretary, said the President has an affirmative vision to move the country forward and build the economy from the middle out, adding Romney’s debate performance was rattled and dishonest.

“In the last week, independent fact checkers and news organizations have concluded that Romney’s jobs plan would not create the 12 million jobs he claims, and that his tax plan doesn’t add up — we know we would have to raise middle class taxes to pay for $250,000 in tax cuts for multimillionaires,” Purchia said.

“The truth is that Romney doesn’t have a plan to create jobs, reduce deficits, or strengthen the middle class — all he’s offering is the same failed policies that nearly crashed our economy in the first place.”

Though Boehner did not answer questions from the media after his speech, Archer said he felt House Republicans would likely continue to work with Democrats if Romney wins the election.

“I’ve always said that we have to work together. We have to reach across the aisle, work together, include Democrats, include Independents into the solutions that we’re going to implement after we win the White House, after we take control of the Senate, and after we increase our numbers in the House,” Archer said. “I hope we don’t — and I won’t — shut out the other side.”

Before Boehner’s appearance, Iowa Romney Chair Brian Kennedy told volunteers that Iowa is going to be a key state in Romney’s election victory and encouraged them to reach out to their Republican conservative friends, as well as those who voted for Obama in 2008 but are unhappy with the results, to tell them to vote.

“You need to say every vote counts because Iowa’s going to be so close and those six electoral votes could make all the difference,” Kennedy said.



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