Refuse to vote for the socialist status quo

Two supposedly competing brands of bottled water, DEM and REP, contain an additive called socialism, which renders its users clueless and submissive regarding their political environment. A powerful organization, its affiliates and interests bottle and control distribution of both these products in an attempt to control the masses.

This is analogous to what we are facing in the upcoming presidential election. Both major party socialists are packaged, staged and promoted via the major news agencies of the powerful one-world-promoting Council on Foreign Relations and its affiliates. The CFR then controls the quasi-winner while assured it can further institute policies and laws ignoring the Constitution and controlling the masses. Once again, the people lose regardless of the election outcome.

This policy was the brainchild of Edward M. House, a mentor to President Woodrow Wilson and carried forward by the CFR founded in 1921. The voters are duped into believing they have a choice in each election, when in reality they continue digging deeper graves for themselves.

But, donít despair, this whole charade can be thwarted by refusing to vote for the major party socialists. There are other choices. The most pro-American and deserving candidate is Virgil Goode, the Constitution Partyís nominee. As president, he will uphold and abide by the Constitution, which would be a refreshing departure from past presidents.

Please vote wisely by sanctioning this rightful, just party while refusing to vote for the status quo! Letís save our nation! Visit http://www.goode

Lan Nowotny

Cedar Rapids




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