The Walk Off -- Canzeri is medically cleared

University of Iowa Golden Girl Whittney Eckar-Anderson performs with the marching band prior to the game against Northern Iowa at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City on Saturday , September 15, 2012. (Cliff Jette/The Gazette-KCRG TV9)
University of Iowa Golden Girl Whittney Eckar-Anderson performs with the marching band prior to the game against Northern Iowa at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City on Saturday , September 15, 2012. (Cliff Jette/The Gazette-KCRG TV9)

Off-camera Ferentz:

If everyone comes back, what's the shape of your running back position -- We'll cross that bridge when it comes. If we have two, we'll have more than we know what to do with, so that would be a good thing. That's the only good thing that comes out of this. Someone has to go in and play. It forces our hand. We learned a lot more about Mark. We learned a lot more than we knew going into the game, so that's a good thing.

Bullock concussion, frustrating timeline, don't know exactly when -- Canzeri would be an exception to that rule, too. My approach has always been with Jordan is I just had him ruled out for this year in my mind. If you get a guy back sooner, that's fine. I always look at the worst-case scenario and start from there. I told the coaches on Sunday we'll just plan as if both those guys aren't going to be here [Bullock and Garmon]. If you get one back or two back, that's a bonus. It's easy to adjust that way, it's hard to adjust the other way. That's our approach anytime a guy gets hurt, that's what you do.

Still do ACL math with Canzeri? Or is it what you see is what the doctors are telling you? -- The medical people tell us when it's safe for a player to return. They're the experts, not us. Then, our job is to look at the player practice and perform. It's conceivable that a guy could be cleared medically and then not by us. It depends on the position, the injury, that type of thing. It's just a day at a time.

Cleared to play football, cleared to walk around as a student? -- He was cleared to play last week. He's been cleared. Part of it is player's level of confidence, too.

Q: How did he look in practice?

Ferentz:†He looked OK. To the casual observer you would not know he is injured. But he hasnít done a great volume of work either.

Q: You have averaged a dozen or so more plays per game this year than from the same point last year. Why is that?

Ferentz:†I cant explain that. A week ago, it was a crisis situation, right? (grunt). I am still fixating on that. We have a lot of things to work on.

Q: Quicker counts?


Ferentz:†Just me standing on sidelines, I could not give you a logical answer. Things donít feel different. We had no huddle a few times, but you can count them on three or four fingers. I canít really explain it.

Q: With Bullock, is it a concussion, or concussion like symptoms?

Ferentz:†He took a pretty good shot..if you slow it down, if you want to dissect, it look on the TV copy and slow it down and draw your own conclusions. He took a good hit and that is a part of playing football.

Q: Does it concern you, that from the naked eye it looks like Weisman may lead with helmet?

Ferentz:†Football, that is the nature of football. That is why they wear headgear. That is football. that will never change unless they take pads off. Which we may do some day. It may be 7 on 7 tournaments. You laugh, but I am telling you. It would still be popular to a lot of people (grunts).

Here's the medical update on the running backs. The one is long because the Jordan Canzeri question was asked. He's going to play this year, just a matter of time.

The Weisman question with a comparison to former Hawkeye Norm Granger. O-line improvement. I asked if Michael Malloy was in the plans. He most definitely is this season. I asked who the No. 3 RB will be Saturday. And then the curious Andre Dawson situation. Can't play at Iowa this year because he holds a scholarship from somewhere else. You watch and explain it to me.

Question on Connor Kornbrath. KF said he didn't cry after last week's 11-yarder and so that's a good thing. I asked if part of Anthony Hitchens' growth is him looking to deliver a knockout. He disagreed and said the next step for him is shrinking the gap in reaction time. That was a good answer, I thought. Good questions on practice facility and why the kids love the crazy uniforms.

KF jokes that he believes the games are played so people can buy the gear. There is a defensive line question. I asked about the back-shoulder throw. He didn't want to get into it much, or at all really. I'll have more on that later. Good stuff from Vandenberg and the WR. Scott asked a great question about The Bubble. It was a pain in the thing.

I missed the front end of a TE C.J. Fiedorowicz rant on comparisons. "The speculation of him being drafted is premature." Someone, somewhere touched a nerve. (You'll need to turn this up.) More Fiedorowicz. I asked about the search for a No. 3 WR. It's something that's ongoing. "We've got a 'Help Wanted' sign. Everyone is welcome to help."



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