Online Comment Poetry

So online reader commenting has been taking some lumps lately.

Some love it. Some hate it. Some see little value in it. But I think there's something there. Literary, perhaps. Poetic, even.

I read through some of the recent comments on this blog and pulled some lines and phrases here and there that spoke to me. Then, I assembled them into a poem, of sorts.

What? It's Friday.

Is the poem beat, modernist, postmodern, abstract? I do not know. It could be an entirely new form. Maybe someone in Iowa City knows.

So here it is, still untitled. (Punctuation, spelling, etc., are authentic and unchanged.)

Welcome to the United Corporations of America

“Class Warfare” worms wait in hiding for attack

Barack Obama, libs, the Great Society, people who llive in cities, and Kool Aide

dumb and brain dead voters soaking entitlements

Armies of inner city ghetto dumbos

Role out the entitlemen ret carpet

Shouldn’t a welcome sign say, “Welcome”?

it doesn’t take a PHD in economics

It takes some kind of whizz kid

the problem with your soak the rich thinking

even if you confiscated all the rich peoples houses

Maybe some brown houses on the left

If I were opposed to elevator music why would I be in favor of snow?

Wisconsin. Sigh.

Generation “X” doesn’t know CRAP

too young to remember, too stupid, politically brainwashed

you don’t care about Truman

He didn’t inhale

the smell seeping into the car’s interior

lackys are a dime a dozen

Dorman you are the slacker!

Congratulations. You're poets and didn't even know it.




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