Iowa Supreme Court judges were doing their job

To those trying to oust the Iowa Supreme Court judges: Do some civics research. The judges were doing exactly what they were supposed to do, according to the Constitution. Do you remember the phrase “checks and balances?” One role of the judicial branch is to protect minorities from the ruling majority.

Throughout U.S. history, judges have had to make rulings they know are unpopular. Do you really believe the U.S. Supreme Court justices approve of someone burning the American flag? They were doing their job.

From the study guide for individuals seeking citizenship: “The Constitution separates the government’s power into three branches to prevent one person or group from having too much power. The separation of government into three branches creates a system of checks and balances. This means that each branch can block, or threaten to block, the actions of the other branches.

“Here are some examples: the Senate (part of the legislative branch) can block a treaty signed by the president (the executive branch). In this example, the legislative branch is ‘checking’ the executive. The U.S. Supreme Court (the judicial branch) can reject a law passed by Congress (the legislative branch). In this example, the judicial branch is ‘checking’ the legislative branch. This separation of powers limits the power of the government and prevents the government from violating the rights of the people.”

Jeremy Freese

Cedar Rapids


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