Today's Dissents

My scribbling on the president's I do to gay marriage prompted a few dissents.

One reader suggests I switch sides:

I read most of your articles and Im disturbed that you favor same sex marriage since you claim to be a Christian. Do you think God accepts same sex marriage? If you read the bible its clearly stated what God thinks about this. I challenge you to Google this subject and see what the bible says. I dont want my grandchildren thinkin its okay to marry the same kind. And Obama just lost my vote for sure.

PS. Being influencial as you are you could be a great advocate for banning same sex marriage.

Very doubtful...that I'm influential or would ever advocate for a ban. Another:

You can't be serious that our boy president who is the least qualified person in any room he enters, did something admirable by reversing himself yet again on same sex marriage. You write as if this was a nice linear progression up to his moment yesterday when he came out in support of it. If you were not so lazy and would look back a little farther you would find that he did support it before he came to the national stage, then he came out against it when he decided to seek national office so it was not a nice linear progression or growth as you imply, his decision was driven only by politics and I find nothing admirable about that!

Then you say "But how long does the right thing...." which is another point we do not agree on. For you to call it the right thing means you find the continuing moral decay of our culture to be a good thing, and that makes you one sick puppy! The concept of marriage came from God via the Bible so I take great offense when these messed up people want to use the term to try and clean up and receive approval for their perversion! Call it something else if you must allow them legal status but don't call it marriage, that is a biblical term and its meaning should not be expanded. There are so many more things in your article I could comment on, such as "'s a path that leads forward...", read above, but what is the point! If you think this is a parth the leads forward, again you are one sick puppy! I will pray for you!

Woof. Another:

Obama "evolved" on the debt ceiling too didn't he Todd? He evolved on the Middle East when he kept all of Bush's defense and military leaders. He evolved in Gitmo. He's done a lot of evolving. I believe in November he'll get to evolve back to other employment. Maybe someday he'll get a clue about the economy. 31% believe country on right track according to Rasmussen. That's a lot of confidence. Maybe he can take another Bin Laden victory lap. Don't you love by the way when Dems still talk about water boarding being torture and this chump of President is whacking people right and left. I'd rather be water boarded than outright whacked. How is that not a human rights violation? Oh yeah when a Crat does it the media is fine with it.

Whacked or water-boarded. Is there a third option?

If supporting same-sex marriage is what now passes for political expediency in this country, I say that's progress. I also hope Romney flips on the issue in a cynical ploy to get my vote. More cynical ploys for equality, please.

Keep those emails coming.

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