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Here are some numbers to go with your spring scrimmage.

The stats are approximate, so basically useless except for maybe a baseline measure of what may or may not have happened.


Damon Bullock -- 14 carries for 121 yards, including an 84-yard TD

De'Andre Johnson -- 15 carries for 116 yards, including a 58-yard TD (he broke an arm tackle and ran in free space and kept running, we'll give him a scrimmage TD)

James Vandenberg 3 for 6

Jake Rudock 2 for 9

Cody Sokol 1 for 4

Notes -- As you can see, Bullock and Johnson were the only running backs to touch the ball. No sign of walk-on Andre Dawson. The only other running back in Kinnick Saturday was Cedar Falls senior Barkley Hill. He'll be here in August. Johnson fumbled after a hit by DB Gavin Smith and DE Melvin Spears. Bullock was stopped when the first team faced a fourth-and-1. FB Brad Rogers didn't participate because of injury. He was in uniform but had a red jersey.


James Vandenberg -- 12 of 30 for 106 with one interception that was called back because of a pass interference and an intentional grounding

Jake Rudock -- 6 of 11 for 40 yards with an INT

Cody Sokol -- 6 of 11 for 39 yards and an INT

Notes -- You can tell Rudock has been highly coached. Form is good. Holds the ball high. Sokol double clutches a little, but decent arm. Vandenberg is doing a lot of thinking because he's really the one filter between new offensive coordinator Greg Davis and the team. Missed WR Don Shumpert long for what would've been a TD. Also overthrew TE C.J. Fiedorowicz in red zone drills. Vandenberg threw one of the day's best passes to Shumpert in drill work. CB B.J. Lowery had perfect coverage on Shumpert, but Vandenberg threw to Shumpert's back shoulder, just beyond Lowery's hand.


WR Don Shumpert 4 receptions for 59 yards

TE Jake Duzey 3 for 13

TE Henry Krieger-Coble 3 for 13

WR Blake Haluska 2 for 18

WR Kevonte Martin-Manley 2 for 15

TE C.J. Fiedorowicz 2 for 12

RB Damon Bullock 2 for 7

WR Steve Staggs 1 for 17

RB De'Andre Johnson 1 for 13

TE Zach Derby 1 for 7

WR Jacob Hillyer 1 for 6

FB Jonathan Gimm 1 for 6

WR Jordan Cotton 1 for -1

Notes -- Shumpert fumbled on a short catch. CB B.J. Lowery caused a fumble and SS Tommy Donatell recovered. After the scrimmage, wide receiver coach Erik Campbell had Shumpert, a junior, take a ball and do five push-ups every 5 yards all the way down the field. WRs made several fingertip catches near the sideline with KMM probably scooping up the catch of the day. There were a handful of drops, more in the 7-on-7. Senior WR Keenan Davis suited up and went through some 7-on-7 after being ruled out earlier in the week with a minor injury. He didn't play in the situational portion or the scrimmage.


Cornerback Greg Castillo picked off QB Cody Sokol. Castillo saw time in nickel situations as the outside cornerback and was with the second team.

Walk-on corner Brian Kroll picked off QB Jake Rudock in red zone.

Lowery picked off Vandenberg, but the play was called back when safety Nico Law was hit with a pass interference.

Field goals

27 yards, left hash

Mike Meyer -- good

Trent Mossbrucker -- wide right

Marshall Koehn -- good

32 yards, left hash

Mike Meyer -- good

Trent Mossbrucker -- good

Marshall Koehn -- good

28 yards, right hash

Mike Meyer -- good

Trent Mossbrucker -- good

Marshall Koehn -- good

37 yards, left hash

Mike Meyer -- good

Trent Mossbrucker -- good

Marshall Koehn -- good

33 yards, left hash (scrimmage)

Mike Meyer -- good

Notes -- Meyer and Koehn have strong legs. Not much separates them. There were no kickoffs Saturday, so we don't know how the 35-yard line kick rule will factor. Any of these three could be effective. This was just 1/12th of their spring, so it's difficult to draw any solid conclusions.


John Wienke -- 39

Jonny Mullings -- 46, 41

Notes -- Wienke is the first-team punter. Mullings' form remains fairly slow.


CB Micah Hyde had two, both off blitzes

LB Christian Kirksey had a sack off a blitz (Iowa sent both linebackers once)

CB Jordan Lomax also had a sack (he's a sneaky good player, Iowa is set at corner)

Forced fumbles

CB Gavin Smith and DE Melvin Spears forced RB De'Andre Johnson's fumble. SS Nico Law recovered.

CB B.J. Lowery forced WR Don Shumpert's fumble. SS Tommy Donatell recovered.


Illegal procedure -- Left side of the first-team O-line.

Pass interference -- On SS Nico Law, wiping out a B.J. Lowery interception.

Intentional grounding -- QB James Vandenberg didn't get out of the pocket when dumping a pass out of bounds in the face of a blitz.

Offensive line units

First unit (majority of snaps) -- C James Ferentz; LG Matt Tobin and Conor Boffeli; RG Austin Blythe and Boffeli; LT Brandon Scherff; RT Brent Van Sloten

Second unit (majority of snaps) -- C Blythe/Tommy Gaul; LG Drew Clark/Eric Simmons; RG Jordan Walsh/Clark; LT Andrew Donnal; RT Nolan MacMillan

Linebacker units

First unit -- WLB Anthony Hitchens; MLB James Morris; OLB Christian Kirksey

Second unit -- WLB Marcus Collins; MLB Quinton Alston; OLB Travis Perry

Third unit -- WLB Cole Fisher; MLB Macon Plewa; OLB Palmer Foster

Secondary units

First unit -- CB B.J. Lowery; CB Micah Hyde; SS Nico Law; FS Tanner Miller (Greg Castillo enters game in nickel)

Second unit -- CB Jordan Lomax; CB Greg Castillo; SS Tom Donatell; FS John Lowermilk

Defensive line

First unit (majority of snaps) -- DE Joe Gaglione; DT Darian Cooper; DT Louis Trinca-Pasat; DE Steve Bigach

Second unit (majority of snaps) -- DE Riley McMinn; DE Melvin Spears; DT Dean Tsopanides; DT Mike Hardy

Punt unit

Snapper: Casey Kreiter; RG Zach Derby; RT James Morris; LG C.J. Fiedorowicz; LT Christian Kirksey; RWB John Lowdermilk; LWB Tanner Miller; RWR Jordan Lomax/Collin Sleeper; LWR Gavin Smith/Nico Law; FB Brad Rogers; Punter John Wienke

Punt returners

1. Micah Hyde; 2. Kevonte Martin-Manley; 3. B.J. Lowery

Red jerseys

Quarterbacks James Vandenberg, Jake Ruddock, Cody Sokol, John Wienke, Kyle Anderson; Fullback Brad Rogers; Wide receiver Steven Staggs

Injured/did not participate

DT Carl Davis (knee surgey); DE Dominic Alvis (ACL recovery); DT Casey McMillan (knee); LB Dakota Getz (dislocated kneecap); RB Jordan Canzieri (ACL surgery); WR John Chelf (knee surgery); LB Shane DiBona (undisclosed); LB Jim Poggi (undisclosed)

Limited participation

WR Keenan Davis; WR Steven Staggs; FB Brad Rogers

Come for the stats and stuff, stay for Gazette photographer Brian Ray's slide show.

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