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The two newest Hawkeye football coaches had some interesting things to say

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I tweeted this earlier and it was met with a fairly giant-sized dose of incredulity.

Change is coming. Iowa football will be different in 2012.

I'll get into more of that on the next post.

Here's the video from today. I know the Kirk Ferentz video is long, but I think it was a really good interview. I didn't see any natural breaks.

LeVar Woods and Brian Ferentz also were terrific. I had the feeling that I was listening to and interviewing two future head coaches.

At about 5:03, the stuff on change starts.

At 6:50, I asked if the transition didn't happen naturally on the coaching staff, would Ferentz have resorted to the ax.

7:47 -- Brian Ferentz will recruit Ohio and Woods will recruit the Kansas City/Dallas corridor. Basically, Iowa's recruiting territory is shrinking. Florida and the northeast will be "spot" areas, meaning that Iowa will dig in there when a coach sends a tape or when an existing relationship produces a prospect.

11:00 -- Kirk Ferentz said this had the blessing (I don't know if that's the right word) of New England coach Bill Belichick.

Also, Brian Ferentz and Woods have NFL prominently displayed on the resume.

No, that doesn't hurt.

LeVar Woods intro. He structured this himself and I thought it was pretty great.

"I'm the most fortunate man in the world," the 34-year-old said.

Woods moved to Iowa City in 2008 and wedged his way into the program as an administrative assistant. He went from making at least six if not seven figures in the NFL to $25,000 as an administrative assistant.

He wanted to move back to Iowa. He really wanted to be a coach. I imagine the NFL pension helped (Woods played seven seasons in the league), but that's sacrifice.

Yes, everyone thought he'd be the D-line coach because he took over after Rick Kaczenski's departure for Nebraska in December. It didn't work out that way.

Recruiting is talked about. Player and personal development is discussed.

He says he wants to be a head coach someday.

Also, the 4-3 was Norm's defense from Day 1. It's what he wanted and installed.

On his linebackers, competition is good and "cream rises to the top."

Here's Brian Ferentz, looking much thinner than the 280-ish I remember him as when he played center from the Hawkeyes from 2003-05.

On coaching his brother, James, who'll be a three-year starter at center this fall: "He's a player and I'm a coach."

He knows there will be scrutiny. He wanted to come here. Remember, the 28-year-old was born in Iowa City.

Recruiting comes up here. That's really the wrinkle for Brian Ferentz. You have to find the players and coach the players in college.

Good stuff. You'll like it.

He considers himself a product of Iowa football. He lives it, he believes it. That's the sell, which really isn't so much of a sell because it's true.

He talks about his O-linemen. No names, but he expects competition.

How this worked? Kirk reached out to Brian after the Super Bowl. I think that was the domino that triggered Reese Morgan's move along with Darrell Wilson going from linebackers to defensive backs.

It was a puzzle, with KOK's departure to Miami being expected but also being timed just after recruiting and before spring practice.

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