Davis/Ferentz video and transcript

Expect to see the Iowa offense, not the Texas offense

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Here are five Davis quotes that I think were significant:

"What we will do here will be driven by what we have here. And I say that with reference to when I first went to Texas in '98, Ricky Williams was there; you're stupid if you don't get in the I and make sure Ricky is the lead dog."

"Our definition of balance is being able to win the game either way. It's not that you run 35 and you throw 35; it's that you can win the game, and whatever that day dictates, you'll be able to win the game."

"Joe Philbin who was mentioned -- Joe and I go back a long, long way, and he came to Texas, clinic-ed us a couple times. I went to Harvard and put a clinic on for them.

And Joe called me right before he got the job and said, "Just want you to know, you're on my short list. But you also understand there's people I've worked with years and years and years."

I said, "Coach, I totally understand."

He called me back a couple of days later and said, "I hired Ken O'Keefe."

I said, "That's great. Since you've done that, how about calling Kirk for me."

About that same time, I sent Kirk a text and I said, "Hey, if this rumor is true, I would love to have the opportunity to visit with you." So that's kind of how it started."

[On calling plays from the press box] "It allows me to set above all of the emotion. I've worked from the boundary before, and you're just removed. Itís almost is like a video game in that you're not hearing all the collisions and all that. And you can lay out all your charts and your information and that kind of stuff. That's the reason I like working from up there."

[On the pressure of being OC at Texas] "We were starting in August, and Governor [Rick] Perry came out to practice, and he walked over†and said, 'Man, I'm so happy you guys are practicing again.'†I said, 'Really? Why?'

He said, 'Takes all the pressure off me.'

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz introducing Greg Davis (the stuff from Jim Caldwell toward the end was interesting).

Greg Davis introducing himself:

"What we are going to do here is not the Texas offense, but the Iowa offense. So what we have been doing is meeting from dusk to dark trying to decide what that's going to be. This spring, you'll see a foundation laid. We are not interested -- we don't play somebody the last day of spring. We want a good foundation.

We'll build off that once we identify where exactly the strengths are about this football team. We want to remain physical."

About what he knows about Iowa and the Big Ten.

How Ferentz and Davis hooked up. And a little story about Davis being recognized over the last week at the hotel he's staying at and being invited to a bachelor party.

You start to hear "off schedule" a lot here at this point.

Since he's been hired at Iowa, Davis said he's heard from 20 Texas high school coaches.

Recruiting is about relationships, he said.

On how he looks at the QB position: "You would like out of that position that he can do some things off-schedule. I mean, if he is not going to move at all, he needs to be really special in the pocket. I mean, really special. I mean, you're talking about -- because it's hard to block them all every time. It's hard to -- it's just hard if that guy can't move some."

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