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Ferentz responds to personnel questions with a joke

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Can you say "fart" on the internet?

I just did.

That's where we are on day four or five or whatever it is of Insight Bowl coverage.

Kirk Ferentz made a joke after a series of questions about personnel Monday. Yes, I would've preferred straight answers. What reporter wouldn't? You have to remember, one of the tenets of Iowa under Ferentz is "Our business is our business."

And so fart joke.

The player in trouble for breaking curfew? That'll come out. Not revealing the name buys it another day in the news. Reveal it, move on. Now, the curiosity is up and you want an answer. (And it's out there on the 'net and on Twitter, just not confirmed enough for me here.)

The Shaun Prater hospital thing? That falls under injury. Players are protected with privacy laws. BTW, you saw the photo of Prater walking off the practice field a couple of posts down.

Marcus Coker? University student life isn't public record. That's where his situation sits for now. Mika'il McCall? Nothing on paper (blotter). Not a university violation. Team thing and that goes into the "Our business is our business" bin.

I'm not sure all these protections do anyone any favors, but this is industry standard for college football. Iowa is no different than Michigan State or Wisconsin. I was going to use Penn State as an example here, but that case is such an outlier that it'd be disingenuous on my part. What happened there is an institutional illness and the institution is paying the price.

My Twitter and Facebook feeds have shown there is a restlessness among fans out there. You want transparency. That's not happening. You might be asking yourself if your loyalty is being paid off. That's a measure you're going to have to make for yourself.

In the meantime, farts.

I didn't mean for this video intro to be heavy-handed. If I fall into the "take myself too seriously" trap, please e-mail me.

So, farts.

At 2:50 in this video.

QB James Vandenberg. Really great kid. His mom and dad should take a bow. Same with Keenan Davis and Marvin McNutt.

Sorry, back to being a bitter, mean reporter.

WR Keenan Davis. Be excited for him in 2012. He wants this.

OC Ken O'Keefe. I think we should go ice fishing, Ken and me.

OG Adam Gettis. He came to Iowa a 240-pound project. Totally self-made player. I would love to sit down for some of his mother's cooking. Saw a feature on the Ferentz show. Mmm, mmmm, mmm.

WR Marvin McNutt. Best Iowa wide receiver ever. He hasn't been doing cartwheels to get to postgame interviews this year, but his performance did the talking for him.

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