Quilt memorializes 500 Buchanan County service members

The quilt is one of many on display at the Wapsipinicon Mill

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INDEPENDENCE — A 66-year-old quilt being unveiled to the public this week memorializes more than 500 Buchanan County residents who served in the armed forces during World War II.

The quilt was made during the war by Bernice Dodge of Independence, who died last year at age 94.

“She made the quilt for her husband’s brother, Bill Dodge, whose name is larger than all the others and is at the quilt’s center,” said Judy Scott, 70, of Independence. She’s the daughter of Bernice and John Dodge, whose name is also among the hundreds painstakingly embroidered by her mother.

“I wish she were still alive so I could ask her how many hours she spent on the quilt,” Scott said.

The quilt, which will be on display through Saturday at the Wapsipinicon Mill in Independence, was almost lost in the mid-1980s, according to Scott.

After Bill Dodge died, the quilt was left inside a davenport that a family member gave to Bernice’s brother, Dave Greenley. After he died in 1986, his furniture, including the quilt, went up for auction.

Though none of the family could attend the auction, Judge William Klotzbach of Independence made the winning $60 bid and returned the heirloom to the family.

It’s on display for the first time this week, along with many other quilts, at the mill.

Hours are noon to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

The names of the World War II veterans embroidered on the quilt: (* denotes died during war).

Ben Adamson, Ronnie Allen, Melvin Allen, Newton Anderson, Guy Anson, Pete Albert, Glenn Anson *, Ivan Albert, Harold Adams, Robert B. Anderson, Donald M. Adams, William Andrews, Charles Anderson *.

Jim Burns, LaVere Bantz, M.E.Blakesley, Jim Burk, Earl H. Byam, Dr. Fritz Benz, Marion Burnell, Dilmond Brimmer, Donald Ball, Wayne Burkhart, John Beck, Mike Beehner, Floyd Bearbower, Leon D.Blankenburg, Bill Beck, Howard Beck, Pat Burnell, John Bearbower, Jack Burk, John Belgrade, Jack Buckingham, Lloyd Bender, Edward Bearbower, Franklin Blankenburg, Wayne Brown, Dale Buck, Carl Bubb, Joseph Bickert Jr., Ralph Baily, Elton Bly, Gerald Beatty, Kenneth Bickert, Herbert Boies *, Bob Bailey, Wallace Becker, Carl Blad, Donald Butterfield, George Buck, Clem Boody, Franklin Brown *, Harry Buchanan, Donald Blankenburg.

Chuck Coleman, Lavern Crew, Bob Coleman, Donald Crawford, Robert Chesmore, Don Cook, Floyd Carver, Hugh Campbell, Melvin Collins, Bruce Crabb, Leonard Cole, Willard Childs, Bob Cocking, Donald C. Cottrell, Harold Crowell, Glen Collins, Harry Caldwell, Earl Corner, John Cree, Ira Clue, Leo Cady, Eugene Chase, Everett Cook, David Cole, Walter Crain, William Corkery, Lester Crowell, John Connolly, Ronald Cornish, Robert Clark, Malachi Cashen *, Terrence Conlisk *, Clarence Campbell *, Mahlon Conrad, Donald Crawford, Dick Cashen, Merle Caldwell, Lavone Crew.

Rube Donnelly, Ralph Deuhr, Bob Deamer, Paul Doan, Art Doan, Ralph Day, Junior Donavan, G.G.Donahue, Glenn Diehl, John Donnelly, Dick Day, Wilber Duffy, Darriel E. Davis, Delbert DeMille *, Paul Duffy, Gerald Dunlap, Warren Duffy, Glen Donlea, Emmett Duggan, John Durham *, Homer Dilts, John H. Dodge, Bill Dodge.

Russell Emerson, Darrel Eicke, Roy Ech Jr. *, Oris Evers, Jay Eddy.

Leland Fuller, James Fenner, Floyd Firth, Melvin Fratzke *, Heavy Foland, Harold Fenner, John Flickinger, Barney Foland, Nyle Fulton, Ross Fenner, Kenneth Forney, Harlan Foote, Robert Fiester, Paul Fowlkes, Dick Fiester, Alan Fisher, Roger Fox, Lawrence W. Fischels, Lawrence Fratzke, Gene C. Fall, Rex Fagle, Oliver Fay, Elery Ford, John Fish, Cyril Franck, Robert Fisher, John Fliss, Norman Fluke, Victor Frye, Francis Fry.

Edwin Groskurth, Bob Gerdes, Harvey Gissel, Jack Gates, Donald Gaylord, Don Gilliam, Paul Grief, Gordon T. Garrison, Leland Griffin, Glen Gray, Milton Gardner, Roy Good, Billy Godby, James Gaffney, Charles Goforth, Gerald Griswold *.

Clinton Hawk, Kenneth Hyde, Dick Hall, Jack Hennessey, Chuck Hess, Albert Hess, Lyman Hart, Robert Habben, Bob Hoffman, John Hall, Tomas Hyde, Lester Hoffman, Carl Hare, Paul Hess, Dick Hovey, Bob Heege, William Holt, Roland Hess, Bill Hutton, Toby Hall, Daryl C. Heiserman, Clair Hoffman, Dr. N.L.Hersey, Don Hall, Bob Hopkins, Bob Hall, Dale Hawk, Blaine Hanson, Glen Hertzberg, Burl Hutchison, Billy Habben, William Hanna, Teddy Houck, Robert Herrick, Dale Hillman, Jim Hoffman, Teddy Hitchens, Kenneth Hein, John Holt, Norbert Hoffman, Lester Heplin, Kenneth Hughes, Elton Hughes, Lewis Hughes, Kenneth Hopkins, Wayne Halstead, Norman Halstead, Jack Halstead.

Robert Iekel, Berford Ing, Donald Illian.

Marvin Johnson, Earl Johnson, Marlin Jacobs, Harry Jarret, Everett Jacobs, Ray Johnson, Elmer B. Jones, Jim Johnson, Herbert Jones, Marvin Jensen, Earl C. Johnson, Phineas C. James, Russel E. Jamison, John Jones *, Jay Jost, Max Johnson, Francis Joyce.

Frank Klumpar, Charles Kimball, Frank Kelley, Francis Koeppel, Leland Kimball, Gerald Kies, Romie Krebsbach, Durward Kiggins, Joe C. Koeppel, Bill Klotzbach, Bob Kress, Ray Kies, Andrew Kroeger, Glen Kester, Grant Kress, Donald Klotz, Burdette Kimball, Fred Kane, John Kane, Don Kautz, Norbert Knapp, Joe Kafer, Fred Kress, Harry Kress, Ross King, Leo Kelleher, Clair Kress.

Glen Lorenz, Paul Linder, Dr. P.J.Leehey, Garland Ludden, Leonard Luloff, Malon Linder, Harold Lumsden, Judd Lewis, Morris Lenz, Paul Latham, Teddy Lane, Roger Lee, Lorraine Luloff, Lyle Likens, John Lynch, Everett Luloff, John Lyness, Bob Lee, Melvin Larson, Raymond Dean Long, Howard Lyon, Charles Lahue.

Melvin McLaughlin, Donald Moore, R.C.McCardle, Paul Miller, Roy H. Moritz, Lowell Manross, Clarence Mock, Kenneth Miller, Harlan McGill, Leo McBane, John McGrath, Tracy McKinley, Tommy Mazur, Burr McFarland, Kenneth McFarland, Joe Mazur, Warren Miller, Armor Magee, Gerald McGrath, Robert McGill, Don Meggers, Marcus McGrath, Leroy C. Morris, J.W. Mershon, Verle Meggers, Ray Murphy, Calvin Mumaw, Bob Markee, Bernard Murphy, Wayne Mason, Ephraim Miller, Kenneth L. Miller, Don C. Miller, Kenneth G. Maxson, Merwyn Morris, Harry Meyer, Edwin Manson, Marion Martin, Russel Mock, Charles Morgan, Clark Massingham, Miller McMillen, Glen Maynard, Dick McDonald, Dick Mueller, Harry Melka, Donald Masters, Michael Muehl.

Wilber Nielson, Joe Nolan, Howard Nagle, Kenneth Norton, Milford Nabholz, Marshall Nabholz, Dick Nibeck, Ronald Netcott Jr. *, Wayne Neith, R.M. Neal, Sidney Nelson.

Junior Oren, P.J. Overman, Hans Oleson, Donald Oaks, Phillip O’Brien, Claude O’Brien, Dick O’Brien, Bernard Ohl, Robert Ossman, Delmar Ohl, Arnold Orth, Raymond Ohrt, Frank Overman, A.D. O’Donnell, Leland Oakes, Clarence (Bud) Oline.

Joe Prenosil, Ted Potts, Harold Place, John Plummer, Billy Pates, Francis Potter, Ralph Pates, Dick Preble, Milo Postel, Marvin Pierce, Everett Pike, Bobbie Peyton, Billy Pauley, Arlo Pelley, Max Phillip, Dr. R.R. Purdun, Clifford Price, Clair Parker, Donald Primmer, Richard Polk, Richard Postel, Jim Peterson.

Edward J. Quinn, Harold Quass, Leo Quinn.

Bob Ryan, Judd Rasmussen, Bob Randall, Cloey Remme, Don Risdon, Keith Richards, Frank Reinhold, Dick Ruffcorn, Charles Remme, Floyd Rider.

Laverne Stanford, Bob E. Smith, Louis Sauer, Wes Stanford, Harold Stienborn, Johnny Speece, Ralph Stirm, B.W. Scott, Murray Sorg, Bill Scott, Kenneth Sherrets, Sam Sullivan, Dick Stevens, Jack Swarts, Robert Spragg, Bud Smith, Art Strickell, John Sherrets, Dick Straw, Donald Stanford, Perle Stainbrook, Phillip Stoddard, Willaim Sewell, Clarence E. Smith, Buryl Sloan *, George W. Short Jr. Phillip Smith, Warren E. Streeter, Dale Slager, Millard Sattizahn, Gilbert Stoddard, Gail Schutte, Harvey Smith, Paul Sattizahn, Clark Swan, Clayton Swinbank, Anthony Snoble *, Edward Singer, Art Smith, Gene Singer, Francis Shoemaker, Leo Sand, Jim Short, Donald Schamp, Dick Stought, Irvin Strain, Leland Schneider.

Don Tegan, Leslie Turner, Franklin Todd, David Tiddball *, Norman Tate, Fae Tate, Leroy Tonn, Roge Topp, Edwin Toms, Harold Tank, Ray Tielebein, Charles Turner.

Cecile Uthe, Rex Uhre.

Arlo VanTassel, William Vogel, Bob Vogel, Melvin Voland, Richard VanLaningham, Howard Vargason.

Ralph Wells, Robert J. Wilson, Leonard Wood, Ralph Wilson, Bob Weepie, Raymond Webber, Donald Wallis, Lester Wilson, Jimmy Wilkinson, Dick Weart, Glenn Wilson, Carl Willenborg *, Dick Watters, Jimmy Wilson, John S. Willey *, John O. Wise *, Gerald Watson, Tomas Waters, Junior Wolfe, Laverne Wachal, Bob Wardell, Ronald Walker *, Marvin Walton, Dennis Ward, Clair Westphal, Bruce Weart, Irvin Wright, Ed Wellner, Ronald Williams, Ambrose Ward.

Bob Young, George, Young, Omar Young *, Raymond Yates,

Edward Zimmer, Bill Zimpfer, Leroy Zach.

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