Local trick-or-treat times

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*Some towns do not specify a trick-or-treat time. Traditionally, trick-or-treat is on Halloween from around 5-8 p.m. or while the porch lights are on!

Here is our current list (email webmaster@kcrg.com if we missed you):

AllamakeeWaukonSaturday, October 31st4:30-8PM
BentonBelle PlaineSaturday, October 31st5-8PM
Black HawkCedar FallsSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
DunkertonSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
Elk Run HeightsSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
EvansdaleSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
GilbertvilleSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
HudsonSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
JanesvilleSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
JesupSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
La Porte CitySaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
RaymondSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
WashburnSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
WaterlooSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
BremerDenverSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
WaverlySaturday, October 31st6-8PM
BuchananFairbankSaturday, October 31st4-7PM
IndependenceSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
JesupSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
ButlerNew Hartford

Saturday, October 31st5-7PM
Shell RockSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
CedarBennettSaturday, October 31st6-7:30PM
ClarenceSaturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
MechanicsvilleSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
TiptonSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
West Branch

Saturday, October 31st6-8PM
ClaytonElkaderSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
GarnavilloSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
GuttenbergSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
MarquetteSaturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
Strawberry Point

Saturday, October 31st4-7:30PM
ClintonCalamusSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
CamancheFriday, October 30th6-8PM
CharlotteSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
ClintonFriday, October 30th6-8PM
DelmarSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
DeWittSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
Grand MoundSaturday, October 31st5:30-7PM
DavisBloomfieldSaturday, October 31st3-5PM
DavisBloomfieldFriday, October 30th5:30-8PM
DelawareEarlvilleSaturday, October 31st5-6:30PM
EdgewoodThursday, October 29th5-7PM
HopkintonSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
ManchesterSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
DubuqueAsburySaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
CascadeSunday, November 1st5-6:30PM
DubuqueSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
DyersvilleSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
EpworthFriday, October 30th6-7PM
FarleySaturday, October 31st6-7PM
New ViennaSaturday, October 31st5:30-7PM
PeostaSaturday, October 31st6-7:30PM
FayetteFairbank Saturday, October 31st4-7PM
Fayette Saturday, October 31st5-7PM
West UnionSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
FloydCharles City

Saturday, October 31st5-7PM
FloydSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
Marble Rock

Saturday, October 31st4-7PM
Nora Springs

Saturday, October 31st4-7PM
RockfordSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
RuddSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
FranklinAlexanderSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
CoulterSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
HamptonSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
LatimerSaturday, October 31st4:30-6:30PM

BoscobelSaturday, October 31st5-8PM
Cuba City

Saturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
Hazel Green

Saturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
LancasterSaturday, October 31st4:30-7PM
PlattevilleSaturday, October 31st4-7PM
GrundyConradSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
DikeSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
HardinAckleyThursday, October 29th5-7PM
EldoraSaturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
Steamboat Rock

Saturday, October 31st5-8PM
UnionSaturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
WhittenSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
HenryMt. Pleasant

Saturday, October 31st5-7PM
WaylandSaturday, October 31st5:30-8PM
HowardCrescoSaturday, October 31st4:30-???
RicevilleSaturday, October 31st4-7PM

Saturday, October 31st5-8PM
North EnglishSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
VictorSaturday, October 31st5-8PM
WilliamsburgSaturday, October 31st

Tanger Outlet4-6PM
JacksonAndrewSaturday, October 31st4-6PM
BellevueSunday, November 1st3-5PM
MaquoketaSaturday, October 31st4-6PM
JeffersonFairfieldSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
Jo Daviess

East Dubuque

Saturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
ElizabethSaturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
GalenaFriday, October 30th5:30-7:30PM
JohnsonCoralvilleSaturday, October 31st5:30-8PM
HillsSaturday, October 31st6:30-8PM
Iowa CitySaturday, October 31stDusk-8PM
Lone Tree

Saturday, October 31st6-8PM
North Liberty

Saturday, October 31st5-8PM
University HeightsSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
JonesAnamosaSaturday, October 31st5:30-8PM
MonticelloSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
Oxford Junction

Saturday, October 31st5:30-8PM
KeokukDeltaFriday, October 30th6-8PM
GibsonSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
HarperSaturday, October 31st6:30-8PM
HedrickSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
KeotaFriday, October 30th5:30-7:30PM
KeswickSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
PackwoodSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
RichlandSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
SigourneySaturday, October 31st6-8PM
South English

Saturday, October 31st6-8PM
ThornburgSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
WebsterSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
What Cheer

Saturday, October 31st6-8PM
LinnCedar Rapids

Saturday, October 31stNo Set Time

Center PointSaturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
CoggonSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
ElySaturday, October 31st5:30-8PM
LisbonSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
Mt. Vernon

Saturday, October 31st5-8PM
SpringvilleSaturday, October 31stDusk-???
LouisaColumbus JunctionSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
Grand View

Saturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
Morning Sun

Saturday, October 31st5-7PM
WapelloSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
MahaskaNew Sharon

Saturday, October 31st6-8PM
OskaloosaThursday, October 29th6-8PM
MarshallAlbionSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
FergusonSaturday, October 31st5-7:30PM
HaverhillFriday, October 30th6-7:30PM
LaurelFriday, October 30th5:30-7:30PM
LeGrandSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
MarshalltownSaturday, October 31st5:30-7PM
MuscatineMuscatineSaturday, October 31st5-7PM
WalcottFriday, October 30th6-8PM
West Liberty

Saturday, October 31st6-7PM
WiltonSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
PoweshiekBrooklynSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
Deep River

Saturday, October 31st6-8PM
GrinnellSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
MalcomFriday, October 30th6-8PM
MontezumaSaturday, October 31st6-8PM

Saturday, October 31st 5-7PM
Blue GrassFriday, October 30th5:30-7:30PM
DixonFriday, October 30th6-8PM
DurantSaturday, October 31st 5-7PM
EldridgeFriday, October 30th6-8PM
TamaGladbrookFriday, October 30th6-8PM
MontourSaturday, October 31st 5-7PM
TamaSaturday, October 31st 5:30-7:30PM
ToledoSaturday, October 31st 5-7PM
WapelloEddyvilleSaturday, October 31st5:30-7:30PM
WashingtonWashingtonSaturday, October 31st6-8PM
WinneshiekDecorahSaturday, October 31st4-8PM

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